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Pine Island Retreat - Outer Banks North Carolina Sept. 2020

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$400 Deposit ONLY for both Single & Double Occupancy per Person
Single Occupancy Balance Due After Deposit - $1500
Double Occupancy Blalance Due After Deposit - $1100


We've changed the date of our North Carolina Outer Banks - Pine Island Retreat with Lisa Bongean - Primitive Gatherings. 

The owner of the Pine Island home and our realty partner - Atlantic Realty in Corolla, North Carolina have helped us to secure a later date - September 28 - October 4, 2020.  September still has superb-enjoyable outdoor temperatures and the weather is fantastic for walking on the beach and enjoying the great pool!  Plus... we're all going to need a FUN time after in a few months.
We invite all of you to join in this great retreat with us!  This is our second visit to Pine Island and we want each of you to have the most fantastic time - sewing, relaxing, stitching, making new friends, spending time with family members, enjoying great meals, yummy desserts, and having the best you'll always remember.  

Lisa will design exclusive wool projects for you (handwork) and I will show each of you how to weave a great "gathering basket" to use with your projects or maybe even in your garden!   It's a first for all of you and we can't wait to show you how. 
We've adjusted the upfront deposit - giving you all more time for your final payment.  Fees include all lodging, food, instruction, kits, travel insurance, surprises (lots of them) and more!   Travel to and from the event will be your responsibility.  We do suggest if you are flying you purchase a "transferrable/refundable" ticket. You will fly into the Norfolk, Virginia airport.  Car rentals should have applicable coverage in the contract in the event you need to cancel for any reason.
We do have a limited number of rooms for Single Occupancy only.  Rooms have king beds (double occupancy) plus private bath.   
So... grab your girlfriend or a family member and bring them along with you.  It's GREAT FUN to SHARE THE FUN! 
Contact for questions:  (904)742-1100 or email -

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