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Twelve Weeks of Christmas
Week 12 !!!

Santa's Believe Sleigh
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Farmhouse Threads

Rhonda has posted the LAST OF OUR ORNAMENTS - 
and I must admit....

Santa is ready to deliver to all the boys and girls ... BUT only if you BELIEVE!  
Don't you love his garland of greenery and rusty little bells?

Twelve Weeks of Christmas

Week 11

Snowman Mitten!
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On the eleventh day of Christmas .... my true love gave to me... this snowman in a lovely mitten!

Hi everyone!  Did you get your Week 10 Polka Dot Stocking with the two snowmen buddies and their adorable tree from Farmhouse Threads?  If not... click on their name and get yours today.  They sure make me grin when I look at their tiny little faces.
This week Olde Green Cupboard is hosting their last ornament in this twelve week series!  You'll have one more week to go - NEXT WEEK with Farmhouse Threads.

Order a Kit for Snowman Mitten! $11.95

Order a kit and printed pattern!  $17.95

Order printed pattern only!  $6.00

(smaller snowflakes are included in your kit)

What an angel this little fellow is!  Included in your kit will be the Army wool, applique wool and embellishments.
Download your free pattern above.... or if you don't have a printer and would like a colored copy of the ornament, we can send that to you also.


Twelve Weeks of Christmas
Week 9

It's All About Family!

Remember when you were little and you couldn't wait until the first snow?  All you wanted to do is get outside and build a snowman... or maybe even three!  This week's ornament "It's All About Family" is one of the best things about the holiday season!  During the year we are so busy with our own lives we just seem to pass by times when we could all be together.  However, there is always great hugs, laughter, fun, and food within our family during the holiday season!  It's just wonderful!

This group of family is made from wool and the little baby snowman is made from wool roving balls that are connected together and attached to the ornament.  Simply adorable.  Download your free pattern, order your kit, and have fun making number nine in our Twelve Weeks of Christmas!

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Don't forget about our Valdani Perle Cotton 12 Wt - Thread Package - 13 colors needed to work on all of the 12 Weeks of Christmas!  


Twelve Weeks of Christmas
Week 8

Barnyard Tree Ornament

Head on over to Farmhouse Threads and
download your FREE PATTERN!
While you're there...  you may want to order a kit!  The nice thing about this ornament - we didn't even have to stitch all the way around the curvy limbs of the tree.  Use super stick iron-on adhesive and it's not going anywhere!

Kits come with all the wool and embellishments!
I can't believe we are Week 8 already!

Have fun working on your ornament - this is one of the "most favorite" chosen!

Twelve Weeks of Christmas
Week 7

Christmas Bunny! 

I adore bunnies... I think it's because our Grandmother used to raise them  and as a little girl, I was always fascinated with how they could chew, wiggle their whiskers and sweet nose at the same time!

Click Below to Download free pattern: 

Christmas Bunny Pattern

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Note:  we were unable to find an adequate supply of the candy buttons as shown in the sample.  Kits will contain a hanging rusty jingle bell with red perle cotton to tie into a bow on the bell.

Enjoy this little fellow!!!  


Twelve Weeks of Christmas
Week 6 

Visit Farmhouse Threads

This week's ornament is so fun, quick and easy to make and the kit will include the army blanket wool background, dyed wool, greenery and rusty bells.

How are you doing on completing your ornaments?  Don't worry if you are behind... remember... it's not a race and you still have time before Christmas!  
I have to get busy myself and get an extra special one ready for Farmhouse Threads and Olde Green Cupboard!

Here it is!  Keep watching soon!!

Twelve Weeks of Christmas
Week 5

"Chimney Santa & Friend"

Soooo... do you see Santa's little friend in his bag of toys?  He's made from wool and a white button!
He loves to tag along with Santa.... (he adores cookies & milk too)

This week you can order your pattern from
 Olde Green Cupboard Designs


Don't forget to download your FREE PATTERN of this cute Santa... and if you wish - kits are also available.  We have plenty on hand!  Why work so hard and dig around for wool when we have everything ready for you.... Army blanket, wool, even the little button and rusty jingle bell.

Kit Only - Week 5  Chimney Santa & Friend

Printed Pattern Only - Week 5    Chimney Santa & Friend

Both Kit & Printed Pattern - Week 5    
 Chimney Santa & Friend


Twelve Weeks of Christmas
Week 4

"Run Santa... Run"

Did you order this adorable Santa?  If not... you still have plenty of time!
Go to:  Farmhouse Threads Website

You can download a FREE pattern...
or... even better is to purchase a kit to go along with your FREE PATTERN!

If you prefer to order the pattern with your ornament - that's an option also!

Twelve Weeks of Christmas
Week 3
"Candy Cane Stocking"

Candy Cane Stocking

Week 3 - Printed Pattern Only


Week 3 - Candy Cane Stocking Kit Only


Valdani 12 wt = Box 12 Perle Cotton used for 12 Weeks of Christmas (and more ornaments to come)


I remember getting candy canes for Christmas!  I love peppermint!  We would break off the top of the candy cane, take a small bite from the bottom.  Then we'd roll an orange until the insides were nice and soft - cut a small slit in the top of the orange where it was attached to the tree - shove the candy cane inside the orange and use it like a straw... pepperment orange juice is so good!  

As I grew older - I soon learned it's called a 
Girl Scout Sundae! 

Hey... did you ride a bus to school when you were a kid?  I sure did.... lived in the country!  Every Christmas our bus driver would give us an orange and a candy cane!  We would be so excited you would have thought it was a million dollars!  Try this fun treat with your family during the holiday and see if they enjoy it as much as I did!



and download your FREE PATTERN!  Yes... you too can have these adorable friends and all you have to do is get your FREE pattern - PLUS...you even have the option to order a kit!  It will come with the Army wool for the background and backing - along with all other wool and adornments!  

These look great on your tree, tied to a package, hanging from a fireplace swag 
or nestled in a wreath!

Farmhouse Threads and Olde Green Cupboard Designs are offering you these great
 free patterns to help CELEBRATE - 12 WEEKS OF CHRISTMAS!
You will finish up the first week in December - just in time for decorating!!

Watch both of our websites every Tuesday!
We are taking turns with the free pattern and kits!

October 1, 15, 29, November 12, 26 

October 8, 22, November 5, 19 & December 3

Week Two "Best Friends
Farmhouse Threads

Week One - 12 Weeks of Christmas
"Candy Cane Santa"

Order Printed Pattern - $6.00  (no postage fee)

Order Kit only - $11.95 + $4.00 Postage

Order Kit and Printed Pattern - $17.95 + $4.00 Postage

                       Sales Tax will apply when applicable

Postage of $4.00 is included with all kit orders

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