Oh Happy Days!

Here it is... October 1 and it's time for another great project for you.  This month we are going to work on an adorable "Best Buddies" wool zipper bag! 

I am so excited about this project!  This is one of the first ones I designed and it's one of my favorites.  I am going to post some photos for you so when you begin to work on your project bag, you can refer to the BAAA WOOL CLUB page on the Olde Green Cupboard website for color, placement etc.  

I used 1" masking tape to quilt the back of my bag.  If you want a different design - go for it!  Oh... by the way... are you wondering why your fabric is different?  It will more than likely always be different!  We are all making the same style of bag - but each one will look different when finished!  That's the way I roll!  If we wanted them to all be the same - we would have purchase it already made!  I like that each of you design your items different and have fun doing such.

This is where I stitched down my  inside wool seam so it would not unravel or fray.

I doubled my thread when attaching my button "flowers" so the stems and leaves were thicker.

"sniff, sniff"... can't you just see me wiggling my nose?  I love bunnies... they are so soft and sweet!  I remember my grandmother would raise them and it was so fun to play with the babies!  Now... as they grew bigger they were a little nervous when you held them...and they could sure make those back feet go and try to kick you!

Two tone pumpkins are my favorite... and so are the gray/white ones.  I love to go to the pumpkin patch this time of the year and pick them out... along with the funky gourds they have.  They look adorable in an old tray or bowl.  I just noticed one of the churches close to my house has them ready to purchase.  I'll be making a visit to them soon.  They look so awesome on my old oak coffee table !  I'll post a picture on our page when it's all finished so you can see it.

and then... there is the famous sheep.  This little guy's eyes appear to be a bit glazed over.... hhhmmm... wonder if he had a bad night?   
So... as you begin this project - ask yourself what you plan to use your "Best Buddies" zipper bag for?  I can't decide... I'm thinking it's perfect to hold my tape measure, thread, small scissors, needles, etc. so I will always know where they are!  

HAPPY STITCHING!!!  Be sure to send me photos of your finished project... and remember to call me if you need help with the instructions.



Good Morning Gals!  I am currently at the Camp Blanding Retreat for 5 days and I'm finishing up the project directions for all of you.  I do want to be sure that each of you are "subscribed" to the website.  If you have not done so, go to and look to the right side of the main home page screen.  Scroll down a bit and you will see on the right where it gives you the option to sign up for notices and information shared on the blog/website.  

I am in the process of also making some videos for you to watch related to this project.  Since I'm somewhat in the dark as to the skill level of many of you, I don't want to leave you helpless in working on the project.  Some of the instructions are just simply easier to show you than writing the instructions.  

I will email each of you and let you know when we have videos for you.  You will simply go to the website: and look to the right of the HOME screen.  Click on the BAA Wool Club and it will take you directly to the items I have posted for you.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please call me.

Thanks so much for hanging in there with me.  I have the wool in your envelopes to mail for those of you that notified me it was missing in your kit.  Some of you were also thinking your Freezer Paper was missing - not the case.  It's already printed with the pattern and stapled to your instructions.

Have fun and keep on stitchin'

Membership for this club is full and currently closed for additional registrations.  Please make sure you keep watching the website for future enrollment and/or projects in wool of different styles.  


We are excited to have you join our B-A-A-A Wool Club where we hope you will have fun gifting yourself with monthly unique projects along with learning new techniques.  Each month you will receive a project for completion containing the kit, pattern, instructions and surprises!  We will be sewing, stitching, quilting, and more!  All projects are exclusively designed for registered members only.  

When enrolling, your club commitment is for one year from date of registration.  You will be PayPal invoiced for each quarter (paying in advance).  Payment is due promptly on due date noted on your invoice.  If payment is not received by each quarterly due date, we will keep your credit card on file and charge you for all applicable funds due.   Kits are non-returnable.  

We are limiting membership to 50 students.  Since I'm a one-gal show for this club, I want to keep the membership at a number that I can reasonably manage and still give you all the support you may require.

It will be your responsibility to notify Olde Green Cupboard if your credit card, address, phone number or email change for any reason.

Please complete the club membership form in FULL - including your signature which gives us authorization to charge your card if needed.   PRINT REGISTRATION FORM HERE  Since your registration form contains your credit card information, please mail your form to me for your protection.

Quarterly Fees:  $99 ($25 per month club fee with $8 per month shipping fee)  Once we receive your registration form, your PayPal invoice will be emailed to you for your payment.  Once payment is received, your first project will be mailed to you.  We will do our best to have all remaining  monthly kits in the mail to you by the 5th day of each month. 

We will also post information and fun "things" to the BAAA Wool Club Facebook page for you to enjoy.  This information will be in your first months package.   

We'll share recipes, videos, fun articles, and funny 'stuff' to keep us all laughing, photos of our finished projects, tips and tricks, along with -  "these are my favorites", and more.  It will be an interactive group - eventually we will all know each other and have a blast together!  To the best of my knowledge - I'm not sure there are any other clubs like this one is going to be!!!  

Here are the 'names' of a few of our projects!  (just teasin' a bit...)
...not in any particular order...

'Home Away From Home'
'Grab the Brass Ring'
'It's in the Bag.... Basket'
'All Tied Up'
'Just Zip it!'
'Let's Hang Out Together'
'It's a Wrap'
'Love Galore'
'Smells So Good'
'Where Flowers Bloom'
'I Love a Good Armchair'

In addition to our fun projects, I'll also recommend places where you can locate different products and tools I use - if they are UNAVAILABLE at your local quilt shop!  Remember... we MUST support our quilt shops !

So get ready!!!!  It's time to have a blast, sew-sew-sew, stitch, stitch, stitch, as one big happy family!!!  

You are always welcome to email or call me at any time! 
 (904)742-1100 or

Hope to hear from you soon!  


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