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February SALE ROOM - Camp Blanding

Camp Blanding Quilt Sale Room

Just a few quick reminders to help make the saleroom a success for you, make check out faster….and assure you get the $$$ you should for your loot!  If you are unsure of what items to offer in the saleroom - contact Gloria Parsons. (904-742-1100   or

• Make price tags simple and easy to read. 
• It is preferred that prices be rounded to an even dollar, for the items under a dollar, make them .25, .50 or .75 cents. Over a dollar-round to dollars. 
• Make sure your assigned number for THIS RETREAT is on the tag. Please do not use a previously assigned number unless this has been reassigned.
• Make sure any old tags from previous saleroom sales are removed – unless you have been assigned the same number.
• It is ok to leave a store price tag on items to reflect what a bargain they are getting.
• NO straight pins. If you use tape or any other attachment item that is not secure, your tag may fall off and you do not get credit for the sale. 
• If you have the size or other information you want to put on your tag, please make sure your tag is big enough to accommodate this info. 
• If you have multiple items for the one price – make sure they are bagged and the bag can be closed to prevent stuff from falling out, securely tied, or taped together. 
• Each item has to be marked. You cannot put a box on the table and say items in the box are $1 each-cashier has no idea of price when it is presented at check out. 
• Feel free to bring your own table. Your saleroom fee is not for a ‘table’. 

Best things to put on a tag, preferably on the same side: 1) Your assigned number for THIS sale 2) Doesn’t hurt to also put your initials 3) Price 

Remember – items without a tag, an unreadable tag, wrong number or a tag that has fallen off, don’t make you $$$$$ 

Now – clean our those sewing rooms ☺

February SALE ROOM - Camp Blanding

$ 25.00


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