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We are so excited to begin our NEW Farmhouse Friends Mystery Project with all of you!  All 12 designers have been designing and stitching for our portion of the project!  WOW...!  Just when I think we've all outdone ourselves in designs - we pop out another great one for all of you!

All I can tell you is...
GET READY!!  MARK YOUR CALENDARS!!  March 1, 2021 it all begins
YoU DoN't WaNt tO MisS iT!

 Each Monday morning - Beginning March 1 (for 12 weeks) visit the website of the designers listed below.  You will be able to order the pattern and kit for their portion of the project.  If you don't get it finished that week, THAT'S OKAY!  You can still keep ordering the remaining weeks and work on it at your leisure.  It is CONTINUING PROJECT - so you'll want to be sure and get each week to finish in its entirety.  If you happen to forget, don't panic - it will still be there for the entire 3 months - AND BEYOND.  

 Welcome to our Farmhouse Friends Mystery Projects. Here you will find our patterns and kits to complete your mystery project. Several designers have teamed together to create fun stitching for you. This page will be updated regularly as the projects change throughout the year.
Remember to always celebrate handmade! Happy Sewing!!

Also, don't forget to join the Facebook Group page for most of the updates and fun.
Click this flyer to access 
links to each of the designer's websites.

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