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Camp Blanding Lodging is now being handled by Donna Brantley and Wynette Browning.  Contact Donna at
for further information on completing your registration form along with acquiring lodging.

           The 2023 schedule is posted below!

  CLICK HERE:        NEW Camp Blanding Registration Form

 3-Day Camp Registration Fee - $90.00     
        5-Day Camp Registration Fee - $140.00 
          Lodging & Meals are not included in this fee
          Bring your own projects and UFOs to work on!

Camp Blanding Retreat is held multiple times a year at the Army Reserve Training Facility, Highway 16, Starke, Florida.  This retreat is the perfect environment for participants to work on their UFOs - quilting, stitching, weaving, needlework  -  it's your choice.  We meet in the Armory Building with a huge workspace, GREAT lighting, tables, chairs, and adequate power to manage all of the sewing machines, irons, lights, etc.   We have a large commercial kitchen with plenty of sinks, work counters, a gas stove, microwaves, a GREAT ice machine, commercial refrigerators, coffee pots, and more.  Here you are welcome to bring your crockpots, cook on the stove, and bake in the oven - whatever you need to provide meals for you and/or your group.  

You are NOT required to be a military or a government employee.  We provide the guards with a listing of attendees and upon showing ID you will be allowed to enter. If another individual is bringing you, they too must have their name on the list for entry.  

We do have lodging available on post. 

*  Single units - Finegan & Rozar Lodges (Jack & Jill bathroom facility - shower/no tub) - bed, coffee pot, V, private air conditioner, refrigerator, microwave, sink, table/chair, ironing board, linens (bedding & towels) are provided.
*  cottages - 3-4 guests - bedroom 1 (one twin, one double bed), bedroom 2 (one queen bed) bathroom (shower), kitchen (refrigerator, stove, microwave, coffeepot, limited cooking/eating items), table/4 chairs, living room area (couch, chair, end tables, lamps, coffee table) TV, air conditioner, screen in back porch.  The cottages are located at the lake - beautiful views.
*  Quonset huts - each hut is divided into two units - each side has its own screened-in porch, 3 beds, heating/air conditioner, bathroom (shower) living room area (couch, chairs, tables), and dining room area (table - 4 chairs), kitchen (refrigerator, stovetop ONLY {no oven}, microwave, NO COOKING PANS, ETC.).
*  LODGING - is assigned to us as available.  It's priced by "the bed" at $30 each night.  

3 nights - single (1 bed) = $30 x 3 night s= $90       
3 nights - Cottage/Quonset (3 beds) $30 bed x 3 beds x 3 nights = $270

5 nights - single (1 bed) = $30 x 5 nights = $150         
5 nights - Cottage/Quonset (3beds) $30 bed x 3 beds x 5 nights = $450

Lodging is obtained through the completion of your Registration Form.  Checks are accepted for registration and lodging payment.  Please complete the form and mail a CHECK ONLY FOR BOTH THE RETREAT AND LODGING FEE.

All retreat (Armory Rental) FEES are sent to the Command Post 45 days prior to the first day of the event.  Refunds are NOT made if cancellation is within the last 30 days prior to the retreat's first day.  

All attendees must complete a registration form and SIGN in the appropriate area.  This signature is an understanding of the rules and regulations printed on the form.  All rules and regulations of the United States Army Reserve Training Center are to be followed while on the Army Reserve Training Center.   
*  Seat belts worn at all times
*  Follow speed limits at all times
*  No telephone or texting while driving 
*  No walking/jogging on designated roads
This retreat is simple, easy-going, and relaxing.  Join us for a fun-filled relaxing time enjoying what you love!  Hope to sew with you soon!