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Camp Blanding Lodging
Posted approximately 30 days prior to first day of retreat!

An email will be SENT to all Olde Green website subscribers - prior to the date of Lodging Purchase - with instructions on how to purchase lodging from the website.  The date and time will be given also.

Lodging will only be available to purchase (add to your cart)     DATE:  To be announced       TIME:  To be Announced

It fills up fast... please set your calendar reminder so you don't miss out!

All Lodging is limited to the number of units assigned.  As you purchase - the inventory system is keeping track of how many units are left.  If you make an error and select an incorrect number of rooms, contact Gloria Parsons (904)742-1100 for correction.

When purchasing lodging - you will be directed to a "Shopping Cart" where you initiate an automatic payment process with a debit/credit card.

Single Room Lodging

Cottage Lodging - Sleeps up to 4

Quonset Lodging - Sleeps up to 3


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