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Camp Blanding Lodging
Posted:  December 3, 2022

Lodging is now being handled by Donna Brantley and Wynette Browning.  Contact Donna Brantley at email: 

In addition to handling all lodging assignments, a new registration form is now ready for you to complete.  

Please read all written information provided in your room related to trash, maid service, etc. 


These units have a (Jack-n-Jill) bathroom with an adjoining single unit on each side.  Each individual room is equipped with bath linen, bedding, a single sink, mirror, cabinet, microwave, table & chair, small refrigerator, wall ironing board, bedside table, air conditioning, and lamp.  The adjoining bathroom locks from either side for privacy and is equipped with a shower and toilet.

When you enter the bathroom from your single unit - lock the neighbor's bathroom door.  When you finish - be sure to UNLOCK the neighbors' door so they can enter.  If you fail to follow this procedure - they will be unable to enter the bathroom.

Cottage Details -

These units have 2 bedrooms (one queen bed + one double, twin) beds along with a dining & living area, full kitchen, one bathroom/shower only, screen porch, TV, and heat/air conditioning unit.   Cottages are located along the lake, across from the Armory Building.   The cottages are limited in their cooking utensils, pots/pans, etc.  If you plan on cooking meals, it is advised that you bring the needed kitchen items.  Inventory of kitchen items, towels, etc. is completed when vacating.  If any items are missing, you will be required to pay for the replacement(s). 

Cottages are typically reserved for groups of 3-4 guests.