Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Twelve Weeks of Christmas
Week 9

It's All About Family!

Remember when you were little and you couldn't wait until the first snow?  All you wanted to do is get outside and build a snowman... or maybe even three!  This week's ornament "It's All About Family" is one of the best things about the holiday season!  During the year we are so busy with our own lives we just seem to pass by times when we could all be together.  However, there is always great hugs, laughter, fun, and food within our family during the holiday season!  It's just wonderful!

This group of family is made from wool and the little baby snowman is made from wool roving balls that are connected together and attached to the ornament.  Simply adorable.  Download your free pattern, order your kit, and have fun making number nine in our Twelve Weeks of Christmas!

To print your FREE PATTERN and order your kits look on the right hand side bar - click on Twelve Days of Christmas!  Don't forget about your thread package and our    Dear Santa! Ornament  

It's a perfect gift for the children in your family that write lists to Santa... once they've completed their list - roll it up and tie it in Santa's mitten.  Hang it on the tree - lie in on the floor with Santa's Cookie plate, tie it to the outside front door know (if you have NO fireplace) - or how about on the bedpost?  There are tons of options... let your child help you decide!  Remember - it's all about making memories!  Everything included in the kit.  Patterns are NOT sold separately.

Look to the right of this screen - at the top and you'll see where to click read more about this ornament and how to oder.  

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