Monday, June 17, 2019

B A A A WOOL CLUB!! Register NOW!!

We are excited to have you join our BAAA Wool Club where we hope you will have fun gifting yourself with monthly unique projects along with learning new techniques.  Each month you will receive a project for completion containing the kit, pattern, instructions and surprises!  We will be sewing, stitching, quilting, and more!  All projects are exclusively designed for registered members only.  

When enrolling, your club commitment is for one year from date of registration.  You will be PayPal invoiced for each quarter (paying in advance).  Payment is due promptly on due date noted on your invoice.  If payment is not received by each quarterly due date, we will keep your credit card on file and charge you for all applicable funds due.   Kits are non-returnable.  

We are limiting membership to 50 students.  Since I'm a one-gal show for this club, I want to keep the membership at a number that I can reasonably manage and still give you all the support you may require.

It will be your responsibility to notify Olde Green Cupboard if your credit card, address, phone number or email change for any reason.

Please complete the club membership form in FULL - including your signature which gives us authorization to charge your card if needed.   PRINT REGISTRATION FORM HERE  Since your registration form contains your credit card information, please mail your form to me for your protection.

Quarterly Fees:  $99 ($25 per month club fee with $8 per month shipping fee)  Once we receive your registration form, your PayPal invoice will be emailed to you for your payment.  Once payment is received, your first project will be mailed to you.  We will do our best to have all remaining  monthly kits in the mail to you by the 5th day of each month. 

We will also post information and fun "things" to the BAAA Wool Club Facebook page for you to enjoy.  This information will be in your first months package.   

We'll share recipes, videos, fun articles, and funny 'stuff' to keep us all laughing, photos of our finished projects, tips and tricks, along with -  "these are my favorites", and more.  It will be an interactive group - eventually we will all know each other and have a blast together!  To the best of my knowledge - I'm not sure there are any other clubs like this one is going to be!!!  

Here are the 'names' of a few of our projects!  (just teasin' a bit...)
...not in any particular order...

'Home Away From Home'
'Grab the Brass Ring'
'It's in the Bag.... Basket'
'All Tied Up'
'Just Zip it!'
'Let's Hang Out Together'
'It's a Wrap'
'Love Galore'
'Smells So Good'
'Where Flowers Bloom'
'I Love a Good Armchair'

In addition to our fun projects, I'll also recommend places where you can locate different products and tools I use - if they are UNAVAILABLE at your local quilt shop!  Remember... we MUST support our quilt shops !

So get ready!!!!  It's time to have a blast, sew-sew-sew, stitch, stitch, stitch, as one big happy family!!!  

You are always welcome to email or call me at any time! 
 (904)742-1100 or

Hope to hear from you soon!  


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