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March Camp Blanding - LODGING!!!

Hi Everyone!

It's time again.... yes... it's time to mark your calendars and get ready to sign up for your March Camp Blanding Lodging!  We have sooooooo many new quilters  this month.  It will be so great to meet all of you!

This SUNDAY - March 3, 2019
7:00 pm

Here's how this works...!  Lodging will be posted ("turned on") for purchase at exactly 7:00 pm on our website. Now... don't panic... the gals at Camp Blanding gave us PLENTY of lodging.  We have 18 cottages and over 80 single "Jack & Jill" rooms.  PLUS... if we still need more we have some Quonset Huts available to us.

Now... look to the right of this screen you are reading.  See where you can click on Camp Blanding Lodging ?  That's where you need to be at 7:00 pm.  If it's not ready yet... keep clicking your "refresh" button on your desktop screen.  Look at the top of your screen... to the left.. see the arrow that looks like it's going around in a circle?  That's the refresh button.  If you click on it... when the pages are ready to go - it will take you to them!


You will find the lodging category of your choice (Single Units or Cottage).  Then select appropriate dates you will need lodging:

March 21 - Thursday

March 22 & 23 - Friday & Saturday

If you do NOT require lodging on the early day - Thursday - DO NOT SELECT IT - only choose the 22 & 23.  The system will do all of the math for you upon checking out.

We do use the PayPal system.  HOWEVER, you are not required to have a PayPal account.  Upon checkout it will give you the option to use either a debit or credit card.

Be sure to pick the appropriate quantity you need.  For example:  If you have been designated to purchase for your sewing group - 4 single rooms - Select 4.    I will be sure to pair you up and have a bathroom between your rooms.

If you need more than 1 cottage - also select the correct number.  REMEMBER, cottages are designed with 2 bedrooms (#1 - two twin beds & #2 - one double bed).  Please be sure to have a minimum of 3 people per cottage.  They have a full kitchen, living and dining area, TV, full bathroom, screened in porch.  The dishes and cookware are VERY minimum in the cottages.  So if you are preparing food and need a crock pot, extra large pans, utensils... be sure to bring them.

All lodging is equipped with bed linens, towels/washcloths.  Be sure to read the information within your lodging on how it is serviced during your stay and how to prepare your unit when vacating.  Also, remember... you are staying at a military post - not a hotel - so beds are NOT made for you daily.  Fresh towels and additional toilet paper are delivered daily!

We are packed with quilters!  
We even have a waiting list!

So...……. if you had previously signed up for the March retreat and will be UNABLE TO ATTEND, email me ASAP!  This will give me time to contact those anxiously waiting to attend.

Because we have MANY of us attending we must be sure to keep our "footprint" tight!  What does this mean?  When sitting in a group - push all of your tables as tightly together as possible so we do not have wasted space in between tables - everyone will fit easier on the floor.  I will be asking Heather and Vicky to monitor table set-ups to be sure we all adhere to the guidelines.

BRING YOUR OWN LLLLOOONNNNGGGG EXTENSION CORDS and multi plug cords!  I do have a supply available - but they seem to be dwindling down.  Here are some additional items you will want to bring:

sweater, your sewing machine ELECTRICAL CORD AND FOOT PEDAL, projects, snacks, your own meals, sodas/drinks, sewing supplies, small ironing stations, your personal sewing chair (if you prefer), CASH &/or CHECK BOOK for the sale room.  Since we will be at FULL CAPACITY - we do ask you only bring in those projects you are currently working on.  PLUS, empty sewing cases, boxes, etc. not being used should be taken BACK to your vehicle to ensure space is kept open.

WALK/EXIT-PATHS - it is required to keep open certain areas for walking/EXITING and for those soldiers that have offices they enter through the Armory.  For all of you that have been with us before - help the new gals get set up please - show them what needs to be kept open!  We all know how it is the first hour - 5:00 pm when everyone enters for set up.  It's like a war-zone!  Ha... Keep in mind... you and everyone else in the room is trying to set up also - be KIND, be CONSIDERATE and HELP EACH OTHER.  

MOVE YOUR CARS!  If you have are in the side parking lot by the double doors - UNLOAD AND THEN MOVE YOUR CARS!  YOU CANNOT PARK IN THIS LOT ON FRIDAY!  It is to be kept open for the Army Staff, delivery trucks, etc.  Park on either side of the Armory in the LARGE parking lots please.

NON-SMOKING building - they do have several areas outside the back double doors designated for smoking. 

SALE ROOM - those of you that have items in the sale room can set up on Thursday evening after you have your sewing stations all ready to go. THE SALE ROOM IS NOT OPEN UNTIL FRIDAY morning - 9:00 am.  PLEASE DO NOT SNOOP OR "PRE-SHOP" in the Sale Room on Thursday!  We will have it roped off and we ask you to help us with this.  We are moving it to a new area this time.  Pat Meeks is in charge of the SALE ROOM - she will be in that area to assist you.  

When you pay your $23.00 fee - it's NOT for a specific table - it's to help cover the costs of the space fee we are charged.  So... find a place to put your items ANYWHERE in this area.  We will be rearranging and "making it work/fit" throughout the set up process.  You are more than welcome to bring extra tables if you choose.  Stack things high and then place your empty containers/boxes back in your vehicles! We are the "queens" when it comes to packing it in the sale room.  After all... the thrill of the hunt - "digging" and looking through boxes, etc. is GREAT FUN!   We will have several hand carts and wagons for you to use.  If you have your own, PLEASE bring them if you have room!  They are a very popular item during set up and many times they are not available when you need one. 

SALE ROOM CASHIERS:  Once you have selected items for purchase - go to the CASHIER TABLE and pay.  Normally I'm there - along with Pat Meeks, Vicky or Heather.  PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE BRING YOUR CASH AND/OR CHECKBOOKS WITH YOU.  Many of you want to pile your purchases on our tables while you run back to your sewing station to get money.  WE DO NOT HAVE ROOM - plus.... many times you FORGET TO COME BACK!  HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Then we cannot remember who the items belong to.  

Announcements:  During set up and throughout the weekend, we will be making announcements (through the microphone) on different items.  Since we have lots of new quilters, we ask you to be sure and listen..... bring the talking down a notch.... so all can hear what the shared information is!

Put my phone number in your phone!  Gloria Parsons   904-742-1100

If you are having trouble getting through the GUARD STATION, call me.  A list of all names will be given to the guard.  There are times when names have NOT been on the list (sorry) or they are misspelled, or out of alpha order.... things happen.  Just call me and we'll get it fixed.  YOU MUST SHOW YOUR PICTURE - LEGAL IDENTIFICATION to the guard every time you enter.  So... if you leave the post for lunch or dinner - make sure you have your identification with you to show upon your return.

RULES:  While on post - adhere to all speed limits - especially when there are joggers or soldiers marching, no cell phone use while driving, seat belts must be worn at all times.  

Post Exchange - there is a small store on post where you can purchase snacks, etc.  Just ask anyone and they can give you the locations.

DIRECTIONS TO THE ARMORY:  Once you are past the guard station  - turn LEFT at the T-Road (first stop sign)  Turn right at the next street until you come to the last T road - you should be looking at the lake.  TURN LEFT - keep watching on the left of the road until you see a large parking lot and a long large building - this is the Armory where we will sew.  Turn into the service road in front of the Armory and go to the far right parking lot.  Walk up to the right side - back double door entrance and just inside I will have your lodging keys.  3:00 pm - I have to pick them up from the lodging office - so if I'm not there yet...just wait for me.  Keys will be assigned at that time.  Then you'll have time to set up in your lodging and return to this same entrance area at 5:00 pm to enter for sewing set up.  5:00 PM - WE WILL OPEN THE DOORS AND YOU CAN SET UP.  (For those of you that are new - they line up to wait!!)

TABLES & Chairs - we have 3 types of tables - all tables have first priority for quilters - not snack tables or ironing stations.

8' - must share - 2 people
6' -  1 person (or more)
round tables - 3 people
If you have tables you would like to bring - PLEASE DO SO.  

CORDS - be watchful of electrical cords so there is NO TRIPPING.  We will have tables near the front of the room - reserved for those that have issues walking and/or for wheelchairs.  DO NOT MOVE THE RESERVE NAMES/TAGS.  

If you have questions, email me at

MOST OF ALL...……. HAVE FUN!!!  Chat with you soon.


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