Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Camp Blanding - September 2018!!! More News!!

Yep... it's official... we are FULL !!  We have our max of attendees!  So exciting!

So... here are some other reminders!

1.  Don't forget to bring your knives, scissors, etc. that need sharpening.  Wrap them up in a towel and place them in a sealed zipper bag.  Inside the bag be sure to provide your NAME & Phone number.  Hang on to your bag until we call for them.

2.  We're having MORE VISITORS...   Saturday we will have Tony Baker with his featherweights.  Also Lularoe (clothing) will join us for your shopping pleasure.

3.  Bring your Opportunity Quilts with you.... We need to give more to the Post for their distribution to the military and families.

4.  Don't forget to bring your checkbook and/or credit card.  We'll have the:

Sale Room
An "Opportunity Quilt" ticket sales
*  Red Crinoline and Sew It Began will have some items for sale at their sewing stations.
*  Olde Green Cupboard will have "Beeswax Thread Conditioner" (handmade by me)

PLUS.... (drum roll)… let's all thank KIM COOPER for locating a massage therapist (Raymonica Scott)  to visit with us on Saturday!!!  She will arrive after lunch and be with us until later in the evening.  We will have sign up sheets for you to complete prior to her arrival.  (she's bring a massage chair)   I don't remember her fee schedule but it was VERY REASONABLE!  Oh my gosh... there is nothing better than a neck, shoulder and back massage when sewing!  Right? !

Please remember... if this is your first visit to Camp Blanding to adhere to the speed limits, wear your seat belt, NO TALKING ON THE PHONE WHILE DRIVING.

Bring your food, snacks, drinks (we provide coffee), ironing station, projects, sewing supplies, SWEATER, don't forget to double check - sewing cord and foot pedal (I can't even begin to tell you how many of us have forgotten ours....), Driver's License or government picture identification card.

Please add my number as a contact in your phone:  Gloria Parsons  904-742-1100  In the event you have any issues getting on the post - call me!

Lodging Keys:  Pick up at the Armory Building - enter at the back right side of the building (double doors) at 3:00 p.m.  on Thursday.  Then you'll have time to get set up in your lodging and then return to the Armory at 5:00 pm to set up for lodging.  I do apologize that you have to wait in line outside until 5:00 pm in the heat.  However, the offices are open and the Armory staff is still working until that time.  We can get pretty loud during setup so they've asked us to wait until the majority of the soldiers have finished work for the day.

I think that's it... if you have any other questions... please call or email me.

The GUARD LIST IS BEING SENT TODAY!  In order to enter, your name must be on the list.  I have added all newcomers to the Guard List!  If I should have forgotten you by error... ask the guard to call me.  My name and number are at the top of the Guard List.

See you SOON!!!

Gloria, Vicky & Heather

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