Friday, May 19, 2017

I've decided.....

Good Morning Everyone!

Well.... I have to tell you a short story... !  As I lie in bed this morning I was quickly reading my Facebook to see what exciting things were posted last night... and there was my friend Lisa Bongean telling us all about her summer block of the week .... my mind was amazed.  This woman never stops... she's amazing!  However, that is not where my brain stopped... it was a statement she made to me one day when we were chatting on the phone.  I'm not quite sure how it went but it surely struck home as I got out of bed, grabbed my freshly brewed coffee (which my sweet honey has ready for me each morning....he's so wonderful....) and walked into my studio!   Let me just say..  eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!  I swear it looks like a tornado hit!  Here's what I see  (without pictures.... too embarrassing!)  My desk appears as though someone snuck in and dumped their entire world on it.  I have projects half started everywhere... clay, sewing, wood carving, boxes of items to be put away, wool I'm cutting for block-of-the-week kits, projects I'm working on for our Christmas retreat, binders half opened, catalogs, half done projects everywhere... do you all get my drift?  Is this your sewing studio too?  Please tell me it is!  ppppplllleeeaaassseee!!!! 

Well... back to my original thoughts (I swear I have ADD in my old age!) Lisa said to me.."Glo, let's face it - you are the creator - the thinker - the designer.... I am the finisher - I implement and finish.  You know...that really struck home this morning.  THANK YOU LISA!  I've made a commitment this morning to stop all of this silliness and FINISH things.  It will be so hard... you know why?  These are all of the craft things I either love to do... or have on my list to do (whether it's begin or finish)  Ready??  It's a long list!

Quilt (piecing, applique, projects, you name it)
Wool (applique, projects... again you name it!)
Rug hooking
Cross Stitch
Wood Carving
Clay molding
Basket Weaving
Covering boxes and making wool lids
Making "critters" like Heather makes
Making vintage Santas
Making wax cinnamon ornaments
Hand embroidery
Making "hexie" items
Block of the Month collections (which I haven't even started)
plan special events, retreats...
and on... and on... and on....

We are trying to "purge and merge" and it's the hardest thing I've ever had to do... I guess because I love it all!  Know what I mean?  Do you all have these same symptoms I do?   Then... there is this word that I can't seem to use when asked to help or do things.... it's a simple word... one I don't like to use very often... guess what it is? 


I just have the hardest time spitting out that word when it comes to something I really, really want to do, make or design.  But you know what... I'm going to use it when I tell myself that's it's OK to say NO... but only when I've thought through the process long enough!  HA!!!   Oh... and on the other side of my studio is VICKY... and let me just say... she's just as bad as I am!  Two ADD chicks in one room... OMG!  It's simply a friggin' disaster!!!  I truly hope I have not passed this deadly disease on to my daughter!  She too is ssssssoooooo talented as many of you know ! However, she does seem to specialize in her wonderful "critters" she makes.... here are just a few....  All can be ordered...
Make sure you go to her Facebook page - Mohair Bears & Friends by Heather Lynn.  Just sent her a personal message and she'll let you know the price for each.  My favorite (at the changes often...) is this adorable SKUNK!


Okay... now that I've gotten all of this all my chest... it's time to get busy!  One section at a time... one project at a time... I will conquer!  Lisa... keep me on target... pester the crap out of me and make sure I'm "on target"!  You are my inspiration... HUGGERS TO YOU!

Chat with ya'll soon... I'll keep you posted on how I'm doing .. (very nervous about all of this...)


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