Thursday, February 9, 2017

Camp Blanding - April 20 - 25, 2017

Good Morning to All !!!!

We wanted to remind each of you to sign up for our April 20 - 25, 2017 Camp Blanding Retreat!  Here is some exciting news for all of us!  Did you see that date???? 

The post is allowing all of us to unload our machines, etc. on Thursday evening - April 20!  Yes.... you read correctly!  Over 80% of attendees are on post Thursday evening.... all ready for Friday morning.  Now... there are some restrictions we must follow and they are:

Unload between the hours of 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm!  The best place to do this... is at the back of the building at the double doors.  They will be open and it's so much easier to move in and out and not up and down the hallways on the side entrances.  As soon as you are unloaded at the back doors, please move your vehicle so others can unload quickly.

When unloading... no tables can be moved at this time... we are only allowed to bring in our items and set them on tables.  Those of you that are bringing in merchandise for the sale room an unload and put your items on the tables.  NO SHOPPING!!!  I know we all can't wait to see what's in the sale room - but these two hours are for unloading only... no one an shop until Friday!  Please follow these guidelines to make items available to everyone in the room!

We are NOT allowed to stay and sew... only drop off!!!!   We must adhere to these guidelines or they will revoke our bringing in our machines early.  This decision has been made to eliminate noise and disturbance in the morning while we are all waiting to enter the sewing room..... (who?  us?  noisy?  excited?  laughing?  happy?  nnnnnnoooo not us...hahahahahahahaha!)

We must also ask each of you to keep your tables tight together - so your "footprint" is a reasonable size giving plenty of room for your fellow sewers.  Remember - we still have arrivals on Saturday morning - they need tables and room also!!!

ALSO - those of you checking in on Thursday can pick up your lodging keys at the Housing Office (white building near the lodging brown single units...near the Armory.  Once the office is closed (around 4:00 pm)  your keys are brought to me - at the Armory for you to pick up.  PLEASE.... IF YOU HAVE MADE ARRANGEMENTS TO CHECK IN ON THURSDAY and have changed your mind and will not arrive until Friday, call me.  I have to wait until I hear from you before I leave the Armory just in case you need your keys.  If you are running late, that's perfectly acceptable, just let me know so I can head out to my lodging... then when you arrive, we'll make arrangements to get your keys to you.  This last retreat I was waiting to hear from several of you and when it got to be around 11:00 pm I knew you weren't going to arrive...but still was concerned I hadn't heard from you.  I'm just a worry-wart!!!

Register    This link will take you to our website - look on the right side and click on Camp Blanding Retreat & Registration form.  Complete and send your check with your form to the address indicated.  REMEMBER - to sign up for the SALE ROOM!

Also... please reconsider the 5 day option.  Here's the deal... those extra two days are so wonderful in getting even more of your UFO's completed.  In order to pay for the extra 2 day rental on the Armory, I need a minimum of 65 of you to stay.  That's not happening... only about 20 stay!!!  NOT GOOD!  If we can't get those numbers up, we may have to shift back to 3 days!  So... to make it even more attractive for you to stay with us longer... we're going to have some FUN things going on....

Bingo !!!!!!!!!!!!! (free to you)
Quick & FUN patterns for you to have (only for those staying 2 extra days)
Games... you'll win fun prizes

And... who knows what else we may drum up.  So... come on...stay with us.... it's such fun and we can all stretch out more and have a blast! 

So... get those registration forms in... we take less people at the retreats since we have the sale room out on the floor... and since we offer 4 retreats per year now.  Then... remember to clean out those sewing rooms, craft supplies, antiques, purses, baskets, books, movies.... and sign up for the sale room!  EARN more money for FABRIC!  Plus... if you make craft items and would like to sell them in the sale room... you are more than welcome to bring them also!  WE LOVE TO SEE YOUR TALENTS! 

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