Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Making Memories....

Good Morning...

I've decided it's simply been much too long since I've blogged and it's time I get my fanny in gear and get with the program.  I love to blog... it's just simply making myself to sit down and 'geterdone'!!  know what I mean?

Today... I'm going to chat about "making memories" !  With whom ever you choose.... I love to look at Pinterest.  It simply amazes me ... and I'm so astonished  reading and learning from all of the talented people out there is in this world.  Aren't you?  I've said to myself (while in Pinterest) ... now why in the heck did I not think of that?  Duh!

So... here are my "Memory" ideas for today:

How many times have you been out and about and you pick up unusual stones?  I remember when the kids were little... this was common practice... to collect stones from trips that we've taken.

Then... when we get home... nothing is done with them!  I'll be the first to admit... I'm sure they all eventually got tossed outside in the driveway or yard!   Well, here is a memory......  with your child (or you can make individually.... as a surprise)  how about making a picture.  this could not have taken long at all to put together and how sweet it is!

You could even give a name to each small bird and print it by each stone...then frame the entire project and hang in the living room!  How proud would your little one be sharing this great MEMORY with their family members and friends!

Hey... don't forget to sign and date your project!  Either directly on the front of the piece or on the back.  Much like making a label for the back of a painting or your quilts!  Tell the story of how the artwork was made and who was involved!

When I saw this picture.... I immediately thought of sweet cups and saucers many of you have which belonged to your parents or grandparents... maybe even greats?

How sweet a memory this is.... stack a few of them together and place an adorable silk flowering plant in the top cup.  Then place a beautiful cloche over the top!!  Place near a table lamp and the light will reflect off the will be so sweet!

And here is another memory that popped right into my head.... Since I'm a quilter.... many people think we can fix old damaged quilts.  Well, that's just simply not true.  Once the threads are bare and disintegrated, there is not much we can do.  So... what a great idea to use the quilt and make each member of the family a heart ornament to keep in their home?  You can fill with lavender or other scents... hang from a dresser drawer, tuck into your 'jammie' drawer... or fill with Christmas scents and use during the holidays on your tree, as package trimming...... tons of different ways!  Instead of using bells and pom poms... how about old buttons or jewelry?

So... now it's your turn.... dig in those drawers and find those rocks  you've tucked away from your many trips... make memories and design artwork for your home or as a gift.

Open the china cabinet... or explore in the garage or basement in those boxes left to you by your family and find something that can be polished, cleaned and tucked under a beautiful cloche.  If you do not have one, visit thrift stores....I've seen tons of them.  If it's not a cloche, use a globe or cylinder.... then find a glass crystal style plate at the thrift store too....

Don't forget our hearts... this could be a yearly ornament making tradition.... memory!

My husbands "girl" cousins... they have a "Cousin Weekend" each year.  They all take turns sponsoring and finding the perfect location and fun attractions to attend.  They laugh, cook, visit and enjoy each others company.  Mom and Dad are gone now.... but I know they are so delighted the family is still visiting together....  it's memories...

My daughter and granddaughter... they are making lots of memories... each year they decorate a gingerbread house.... so sweet....

You see... it's not all about the gifts... or how much something costs... it's about the entire process of making the memory and continuing on and on and on... making even more!

May this blog be a memory for you ....



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