Sunday, September 11, 2016

Look What We've Been Working On!!!

It's been along time since we've just chatted with all of you on what the three of us gals have been working on!  It just seems like there are not enough days in the week to get everything finished!

Let's start with SPECIAL EVENTS!!  We will be adding another section to our blog that will give a schedule of special events, classes, etc. where you know what in the heck we are doing and going!
Even we have a challenging time keeping up with it. 

Then...we've been designing like crazy for our K & K partners - we just finished up with our fall and Halloween (for 2017) and now we'll be moving to Christmas....a fun time to design for!  From time to time we'll show you some sneak previews!  Hey... here are some RIGHT NOW!

These are all ornaments that K & K will be making for their showrooms.  Then shop owners will visit market and order them to sell in their stores.  This is ssssssssooooooo rewarding and perfect for all of us.  We are NOT... "production" gals... you know where you have to make tons of one item!  We like to design one thing and then move on to the next great idea we've decided to make while working on the last one... our brains never turn off... and there are some days when it's pretty overwhelming.

However, I wouldn't trade it for anything... a great chance to get all of these ideas out of my brain and onto paper and eventually into a product we can share with others.

And.... then I've been teaching basket weaving again.... I just LOVE to weave.  It's been such a long time and I've discovered it's like riding a bike... you just hop on and it all comes back to you.  So.. keep watching the blog and FACEBOOK for new classes coming up!

Then... we have Chalking!!!  OH HOW I LOVE THIS! 

These are some fall samples we will be starting on.... 

and then.... on to Christmas Chalking!!!! 
I'm working on some designs for our front doors.... Samples coming soon!!!

Well... that's just a tiny bit of what's happening at the Olde Green Cupboard between all three of us....
me (Gloria), Vicky and Heather.
I'll save more for a later posting....

Keep those needles moving....

Chat soon!!!

Gloria, Vicky & Heather

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