Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Chalkin' & Chattin' !!!

I've found another LOVE in my life (other than my honey, children, grandchildren, and sewing....)! 

It's Chalking!!!!

Oh yes... I can see you now... you're saying to yourself... NOOOOOOOOO... not another project!  I said the same thing!  However, I've found a way to do my "chalking" and combine it with my sewing and projects!  Plus... I've been making adorable items for the house, to combine with my other crafts, and making gifts!

If you would like to get a group together (4 to 15) I'll come to your location and show you how!  We'll begin with a project, sign, saying, etc. that I have here already to go.  Samples will be emailed to the hostess to share with your group... then I'll get everything prepared and we'll have a fun class together.

Cost:  $40 for 16" x 19" pattern, unfinished frame for you to paint (color of your choice) and the supplies to make your pattern.  I will have already prepared your boards for you. (special designed projects/boards  = cost adjustment)   A class normally last around 3-4 hours (depending on the number in class)

I have patterns related to:  Kitchen, Baby, Friends, Everyday, Home, Christian, Sports, Christmas, Easter, Spring... I can just about make you anything as long as I have enough preparation time for drawing and copying. 

Here are a few that you may LOVE ALREADY!!!!
(excuse some of the photos...they did not come across well into the blog format!!!!)


If you find any designs or sayings and you're unsure if you are allowed to use them, just give me a call (904)742-1100 or send me an email ( and I'll research it for you. 
Once you get the first one made... you'll want to make more!  You can chalk on anything!!  Go to my Pinterest boards and check them out!! 

Boards:  Chalkboard Fun & Chalkboard Stuff

Hope to hear from you soon!!!! 
Chalkin' & Chattin' !!!

Gloria Parsons
Olde Green Cupboard Designs

p.s.  I promise to NOT make you clean the erasers....remember those days?

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