Saturday, November 14, 2015

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....

Hi everyone!!

Are you getting ready for the upcoming holidays?  Are you planning your Thanksgiving dinner?  Man..oh man... there is nothing better than smelling a turkey cooking in the oven!  I'm so hungry for one...along with the stuffing, mashed potatoes.... and all of the traditional food that each of our family members bring!  Heather (my daughter) makes the yummiest corn pudding casserole!!  Dayle (my daughter-in-law) makes macaroni and cheese that is to die for!  So.... you see... it's just NOT Thanksgiving without family and the yummy food and good times together!

Click the image below for the corn pudding recipe!  You must make it... it's fabulous!

PLUS..we had a complete switch over from FALL to CHRISTMAS at our Rusted- A Vintage Market room!!!  Oh my... it brought tears to my eyes... I was working on the floor (helping customers...and at the register) while Vicky and Heather were making their magic come alive!  The room is sssssssssssoooooooooooooo small that it's hard for so many of us to be in there together.
So while I was getting their trees fluffed and pricing our wonderful merchandise...they were wwwwayyyyyy in the back of the store.  Later on when I could get back there... I walked in the room and had to fight back the tears (sniffle).  It was simply breathtaking.... brought back memories of our store (Olde Green Cupboard) but on a MUCH SMALLER scale.

I hope that all of you in the Jacksonville area make it a point to shop with Rusted this holiday season... it's such a great shop!  We only have 12-14 vendors and we are such a family.  WONDERFUL men and women that are vendors with us and we're getting to know all of them more and more.  They have the love and passion for "pickin'", displaying, and enjoying vintage and antique life!

Here are pictures for your shopping pleasure!!!

A.  Hand made bear by "Heather"... real baby shoes with vintage tree tucked inside... black paper boxes with vintage labels.

B.  Cinnamon coated candle sticks, vintage whisk brooms decorated with Christmas trimmings, spool base Christmas tree, heavy metal Santa....

C.  Vintage whisk brooms with hand cross-stitch ornaments attached to the front...small metal glittery tree ornaments...

D.  Antique baby shoe with vintage tree tucked inside.  Ric Rac/button tree garland

E.  Vintage sled top redesigned for door hanger.... topped with tree and old portion of garden tool at the tree trunk.

F.  Handmade  trees on vintage spindles wrapped in rusty jingle bells

G.  Beautiful trees in two different sizes in burlap bags.

H.  Lovely sweet canvas print with sheep in winter scene.

I.  Square wooden wreath wrapped with greenery and rusty jingle bells.Adorned with antique shoes, old socks and a sweet old tree.  
J.  This tree is simply breathtaking and so full of ornaments that we have made and purchased.

K.  Antique red plaid thermos filled with an adorable Christmas tree... along with an old spool of red thread, and vintage Santa Claus mugs.

L.  Metal - rusty manger of my favorites we found this year!

M.  These boxes are simply AWESOME!  We've have several white washed... they are so gorgeous full of poinsettias, paper whites, greenery... old antique Santas... you name it.  We could fill them with hundreds of great Christmas items.  Below are the popular cloth envelopes that have Christmas decorations on the front of them!

N.  Needless to say.... this sign says it all.  LOOK at these sweet bunny - handmade by Heather!

O.  Wonderful hand painted sign!!! 

P.  What a great gift for one of your quilting friends.   Or.... hang one in your own home or quilting studio.

Q.  Hand painted star with metal star in the center.  Hanging cute chalkboards... nestled in braided table rugs.

R  These sweet birds are reproductions and look so vintage!  The church is an ANTIQUE that is a music box!

S.  What a fun addition to add to your kitchen wall!

T.  Oh my gosh.... we just had to order these from market...they simply made us giggle when we saw them and knew you would want to own one of them for yourself!
U.  Sweet dove of peace and our Believe Sign.... perfect for this Christmas season.
V.  Such sweet little gingerbread men!  They are so cute on your tree...tucked into the ribbon of a present... it's simply endless what you can do with these little fellows!

W.  Vintage sock stretches with old tea stained socks on them with sweet ties and rusty stars and bells.

X.  Another tree in our displays that is FULL of great ornaments...MANY OF THEM HANDMADE!!!

Y.  Sweet handmade bear by Heather!!!  Vintage reproductions of large spool candle holders with
glassed domed trees sitting on top.

Z.  What a cute... cute... top to this tree.  This is a child's old toy riding horse stick.
A1.  The old box has been changed!  We've added runners and made it into a sleigh!  How adorable outside your front door filled with poinsettias... or sitting on your dining room table!

B1.  LARGE hand painted JOY sign that is gorgeous above your fireplace mantle.

Please let us know if you find anything you are interested in!  
Some of these items are ONE-OF-A-KIND.
You can email us at, go to our facebook page and see what we have in our store, or go and shop at Rusted - A Vintage Market in the San Marco area!!!

Get that Christmas shopping started!

Gloria, Vicky & Heather

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