Monday, October 19, 2015

"oLdieS bUt gOoDiEs"

Good Day to All!

We wanted to share with you a NEW opportunity for each of you that LOVE FABRIC!

We're putting together a new shopping venue that will be on our blog soon (to be announced) where you will have the option to BUY fabric!  It's called -     

"oLdieS bUt gOoDiEs"

You see... it's time in our lives to "merge and/or purge" and we have MORE fabric than you can even imagine. 

Photograph only !!!

After all, owning a quilt shop for 10 years can truly feed ones addiction to a fabric "stash".  We've realized we will NEVER use all of this fabulous's time to share it with our on-line quilting friends.

So... fabric will be posted to a new section on our blog - "oLdieS bUt gOoDiEs" - into bundles - either 1/2 yard cuts or fat quarters (minimum 12 fats per bundle).  They will be in "color families" - perfect for your stash and/or projects.  We may even throw in a FREE pattern that compliments the fabrics we've chosen!  Best of all ........  is the price!  Think back years ago when fabric was $8.99 @ yard!  Well... we're going to do better than that - it's $7.00 @ yard!  

So... keep watching the blog... tell your friends to begin following our blog... and when you see fabric you LOVE - make sure you BUY quickly because some of the bundles will be one of a kind!


Keep watching!!      

Gloria, Vicky and Heather 

 Priority USPS Shipping:  US: Small box - $6.00      Medium box - $12.50     Large box - $13.50
                                   Canada:   Small box - $21.00    Medium box - $43.00     Large box - 56.00
 Priority Mail Medium Flat Rate Boxes |

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