Friday, October 30, 2015

Happy Halloween !!!!

Good Morning to all!!

Well... it's almost here.... HALLOWEEN!!  This weekend all of the little kiddies will be out Trick-or-Treat'n and having a blast.  Do you remember those days?  We were all laughing about it yesterday... remembering the costumes we "made" when we were younger.  Living out in the county some (over 60 years ago...eeeeekkkk) you just couldn't whip into town and get something.  We NEVER had purchased costumes... it had to come from our imagination and what we had around the house.  PLUS... we were not afforded the luxury of computers to check out PINTEREST for ideas!  hahahahahahaha!  My... have times CHANGED!  

I hope you all have a fun-filled weekend with your neighborhood parties and your children/grand-children!  It's these special weekends that put "memories" into their hearts they will keep for them forever.  

My Halloween Memories

I was a hobo more times than I cared to be!

We had to WALK the country roads to all of the neighbors (feeling safe back then to do so without our parents)

The neighbors down the road made us HUGE - YUMMY - POPCORN BALLS every year for our treat!

We were perfectly content, happy and excited to only visit about 6 homes NOT 600!

Candy bars DID NOT COME in 'bite' sizes - so when we got candy.... we got a giant candy bar!  mmmmmmm.....

We did not have to throw apples, etc. away - worrying they may have razor blades in them.

We were just as tired when we got home as the kids are today!  hahahahaha!



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