Saturday, October 17, 2015

Christmas Blog Hop... How are you coming along?

Oh my gosh....

These blocks are just tooooooo much!  I simply can't wait to have the entire quilt put together!.... Let's see... we started out with this adorable block from Rhonda McCray - Farmhouse Threads....


Then to Christmas Party Reindeer Girl (Shawn York) from Rusty Crow!                                                                                                            


to our new blogger - Debbie Busby - Wooden Spool Designs!
How in the heck did she know I loved SHEEP?????  Thanks Debbie!  Your block is adorable!  Make sure you go to her blog...she does have a few kits available!  Wooden Spool Designs


Mark your calendars for October 23 - it will be Joyce Weeks - Geoffs Mom Pattern Company    Geoffs Mom

HI JOYCE!!!!  I can't wait to see what your design is too!!!

Please take time to make comments on the designers blog!  We love to get your feedback...that's what helps us know we are on the right track in giving you great patterns.  We must keep those needles moving!


Yesterday was the best weather here in Jacksonville!  We began our morning in the garage.... decided it was time to move around our saws, sanders, etc. so that when we used them...the sawdust was closer to the garage doors and would shoot out into the parking pad!  Well... I don't know if you realize this... but moving furniture is a speciality of my sister, Vicky!!!  Geeze Louise... you all know how that works... you just can't move one piece - oh no!!!  Before we knew it...we moved an entire work bench, work table, Scroll saw, table saw, work tables, boxes.... then I decided it was time to attack the stationary work bench and get it a bit more organized!  Well... what a job that was.  My honey has nails and and screws in every shape and size! (and I thought I had a lot of "notions")  They were all in those Ziploc little blue plastic bowls... you know the ones you CANNOT SEE THROUGH!  So...every time you needed either a nail or screw - you had to open tons of them to find the right size - the right type - metal or wood - holy cow!  Here I was always confused with the different types of thread we all use... it's nothing compared to the different types of screws and nails.

So.. with that in mind...he had made a run to the hardware and I asked him to pick up some plastic drawer cases!  Yep... you guessed it...we are now organized with screws in one case - and nails in the other.  Now.. I won't even talk about the different sizes, types and styles of the screw drivers and pliers he has!  It kind of compares to the number of scissors and rulers we all use!  Ha!!

Central-Machinery 60500 9" Bench Top Band Saw
However, he's such a sweet - wonderful man... he came home with all kinds of goodies for us girls to work better in the garage along with a BRAND NEW BAND SAW!  Oh yes... he spoils us to the max and WE LOVE IT!  It is all put together and now ready for the first cut!  I can't wait... aaaahhhhh... the love of hearing the sewing machine run at high speed is just about as good as hearing a saw !  One gives you thread all over the place... and the other one gives you sawdust!  I think I need to find a clean hobby!  Is there such a thing?    All of this wonderful "stuff" just makes my heart sing....

Today... we are finishing up in the garage and loading up our van for early tomorrow morning... !  We are headed to Rusted - for our Rustapalooza to restock our area!!   Then..Sunday - October 18 (11:00 am - 5:00 pm) approximately 40 vendors from all over the south will be at the fest - including 12 of us in the store itself.  We have all stocked up... filled it with fun vintage, antique, hand crafted, collectibles (NO JUNK!) for your shopping pleasure.  I'm so excited to participate with all of these great vendors... they are the cream of the crop! 

We are located at 1523 San Marco Blvd, Jacksonville, FL.  The parking is ANYWHERE YOU CAN (not responsible for any parking tickets...).  The event is held on Sunday when the traffic is a bit more reasonable in the San Marco area.  If you are driving through the San Marco main shopping district - stay on San Marco Blvd. and just when you pass European St. restaurant on your left... we will be a short distance ahead on your right - by Painted With a Twist and just before the old location of Peterbrooke Chocolate.  We are on the right... there is an "alley" just before the building where you will walk down behind the building and find all of the outside vendors.  Then.. be sure you come inside to see 12 MORE!!  I will be out on the front sidewalk (along with Vicky and Heather) - that's our "post" with all kinds of goodies for you!  

Time to get busy... I have more "goodies" in the garage that need to be packed up!

See you at the "flea fest"!! (p.s.  I promise you won't get fleas...icky!)

Gloria, Vicky & Heather 

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