Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Good Morning.....

Hi to all...

We are now in San Diego CA and I can't wait to see this city.  I've heard nothing  but great things and we are anxious to see the sites.  We set up this afternoon and will be with some of the finest designers in the business.  I'll be able to give you some names after today when we get a final vendor list....then you can visit their websites and blogs for some shopping of your own!

We are in great condo.... 6 of us.... what fun we will have together.  We got to see the new quilt studio of Ronda McCray - Farmhouse Threads!  Such great space to work, store and prepare her great work.

I wanted to show you some sketches and see what you think.... I need and want your feedback!  ALL designers want input so don't be shy... tell me what you think....  this is a group of stitchery, wool, and applique AMERICANA small squares....

So...there they are.... tell me what you think.   Email me please... Oldgreencupboard@aol.com

Have a super Monday!!


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