Saturday, September 5, 2015



Hi Everyone!!

OMG!!!! We have received an email from one of the most sought after designers..instructor..speaker in the quilting industry.....  I can't breathe... my heart is racing... I couldn't wait to tell all of you!!!

Michael is her hubbies name.... does that give you any hints???  Well... let me continue.... I have sent numerous emails & left phone messages... for approximately 3 years.... that's how much we've wanted this designer to be with us here in Florida....  (any more ideas who it is yet?)  Then boom...

I pulled up my email and there it was... a response!

Okay... I'm sure the tension has grown.... here's a BIG HINT for you!!!  Does this help?  NO?

Silhouettes - Flower Box

How about this one?

Scroll down.....

Yes.... we are in the planning stages for 2017 for:

Laundry Basket Quilts
 Edyta Sitar

We do not have anything finalized... however, as soon as we do - you will all be notified.

I can share with you that we plan to have the event at a nice hotel/conference center - so those of you that are traveling will have accommodations.

How about this... can 
those of you that are interested in attending any/all of her classes send me an email with:


We want to show her how excited we all are to have her (and hopefully Michael)
join us here in Jacksonville, FL!!

Thanks so much....we'll keep you posted!!!

Gloria, Heather & Vicky

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