Friday, March 6, 2015

2 days in a row!

Can you believe this????

Yes... I've posted two days in a row!  I know you are shocked... !!  

I wanted to tell you about the retreat we recently went on - to Laporte, TX!  Yes.... it was fabulous...we visited our sewing buddy Ronda Stockton at her NEW RETREAT HOUSE and had a blast.  13 of us sewed, antiqued, ate, and so enjoyed each others company... 

Ronda and I met through Red Crinoline Quilts.  Paula Barnes had taught at her guild, stayed at her home, and then brought her to Camp Blanding for a retreat.  We all had such a good time together...she's crazy just like us.  Then we found out she and her hubby (David) were working on building a retreat house from an old Sears house!  Now... for those of you that are young.. you used to be able to order house kits from Sears and then build them on your lot!  Can you believe that?

Well, the demolition began... you can read all about the entire building adventure on her blog - "and sew it began".    Now... her retreat has a website:  And Sew It Began     From this site you can see what the house looks like... but I have other pictures I want to share with you....

Here they are.... Ronda and David!  They have worked so hard on this house... David has done tons of the work himself along with working a full-time job!  He's soooooooo talented!

This is the front of the house before they had all of the landscaping in and the porch decorated.

She has so many cute things decorating the house.  This sewing machine lamp is in the red, white, and blue quilt room.  On the table is this sweet Americana table mat!  It was calling my name...
 Loved it!

In our dining area...she has a wonderful Hoosier cabinet ... Look at this sweet collection of rolling pins sitting on the top!  

Then... this was the coolest ironing board I had ever seen.  It was really, really wide and had entirely different type of legs on it.  She used it to hold her flat TV screen...  and to hold the necessary boxes (for cable, etc.) she had an old advertising box underneath.  Then... of course is the little footstool I made for her... it look so adorable under the ironing board!

Now.. this is right up my alley...and pure "Farmhouse Country".... yes that is our toilet paper in the downstairs bathroom (she has 4 of them in the house) and it's stored in an antique galvanized bucket!  Now tell me... how stinkin' cute is that?

Then... on the other side of the Hoosier... is this antique coffee pot that has been made into a lamp!  Sara loved it so much she found one at an antique store !  She's going to make her one for her house!

See... here is the full photo of the Hoosier!

Upon entering through the front door... you'll see this wonderful antique hall tree.  These were made back in the days when men had to hang their top hats up, remove their boots ...this gave them a place to sit down to make that all happen.

Look at this table!!!  It is is also by the front door.... sitting near the stair case and a big soft fluffy chair for reading.  Here is her guest book...where we all signed our name!

I wanted to show you how delightful and beautiful this staircase landing is.... they just don't make them like this anymore.  Don't you love how it curves around to the side?  So pretty!

Now the kitchen... it is ALL BRAND NEW and so much fun to cook in..... I adored these wonderful mustache pulls they have installed on the kitchen drawers

The windows have sweet red gingham curtains... a "farmhouse sink"  (LOVE THEM) brand new stainless steel appliances... a BUNN coffee pot unit that makes coffee faster than 
I've ever seen before!

Beautiful tall white cabinets and tons of counter space for all of us to prepare, cook,
 and serve our meals.

The back porch has been turned into a bedroom... so if you decide to come to the retreat and hire a caterer.... they have their own room to stay in...right off the kitchen.  Now how clever is that?

Tomorrow I will post the photos of the classroom and the bedrooms... what a treat they are!

Red & White Room,
American Room
Aunt Gracie Room
and Reproduction Room!



Chat with you tomorrow!


Thursday, March 5, 2015

Lots and lots and lots going on....

Good Morning!

Wow...that's all I have to say is WOW!!!  I don't even know where to begin on telling you what has been going on in the lives of Olde Green Cupboard!  But I'll try!!!...  

Our fabric has ("Farmhouse Blooms") arrived here at the house (3 yards of each) that we use to make our samples!  Let me tell you.... it was pretty exciting.  I was at Camp Blanding when I heard Jack had signed for the box.  I hopped in the car and drove into Mandarin to pick it up!  I took it out to the retreat and it was wildly received with two thumbs up.  The gals were a bit confused because it doesn't look like our normal color palette.  However, it was styled with the 50's in mind.... when we were kids living on our country farm in Indiana... when the big floral tablecloths were popular and mom had the coolest aprons she wore... I still remember her wearing them in the kitchen and garden... especially when she was canning!

Then... Heather and I have been working on designing our ad boards... 

The red/yellow fabrics are designed for the kitchen.  We have a quilted tablecloth (Vicky is sewing on it as I type), apron, hot pads, hot pad towels, casserole carrier, ruffled stool, trivet, and a framed message board!  The framed message board is easy to find at your local stores (Hobby Lobby, Target, Walmart, etc.)  Simply add our fabric and you have an adorable addition to your kitchen.

Our pink/teal line is so adorable... we just had to redo the laundry room!!!  We've designed an ironing board cover with pocket runner to hold your ironing supplies, Laundry Sign, AWESOME rug (made with cotton clothesline and our fabric cut into strips), and then we'll show you how to measure and line ANY basket you may have in your home.  Then... we found this awesome clothes sorter that we have recovered and added sweet ruffles around the top.  It can even be made specialized for your home with family names (I especially like this... it can be filled with their clean laundry - pop out the bag using the handles) so they can take to their room and put away!  Or you can use it for dirty laundry... "lights, darks, towels, etc."   Then we have little girls dresses that will be shown at the spring Minneapolis Quilt Market!!!  Thanks Pati Violick (Marcus Fabrics) for making them for us!!  

So...what do you think?

Oh wait...I'm not finished... We have 3 quilt designs that will be coming out soon too....

Farmhouse Blooms  

Buttons & Bows

Along the Fence

Visit Marcus Fabrics website Marcus Fabrics  and take a peak at the entire collection up close!  It will be in the stores in May... be sure to visit Cinnamon's Quilt Shoppe - the entire line has already been ordered!!!