Sunday, January 4, 2015

I have ONE done!

It's those "baby" steps that make you feel so good .... don't they?  

Well... I finished up my first project!  NOT a big one... but you know how they go.... you have to make a HUGE mess to clean up a MESS!  OMG!  I ... yes ME... am the queen at making messes so fast ... BOOM.. the room is trashed!  HOWEVER.... this little project made me clean good... dust off all my frames on the wall.... sanitize my desk top. clean up my file cabinet on the inside... organize paperwork in the file cabinet for next year's taxes... see how it grows.  

Then... I have to tell myself - STOP - this is enough for today... move on to those other items on today's To Do list!


From this:

to this!!!

Remember how I mentioned designating a notebook to be with you when you were organizing?  Well... it came in handy.... when going through the paperwork in this filing mess... 3 things came across my brain to follow up on... .1.  Checker back order  2.  Tax Exemption forms  3.  Follow up with my class in Texas  

2 of them have already been taken care of and the third one I already scheduled on my Monday TO DO list!

Wow... I feel so empowered!  

I'm now moving on to do some dancing with my vacuum cleaner!  (ugh!)

Have a super Sunday... I plan on working hard this morning and then stitching this afternoon during SEVERAL good movies (and... maybe a nap....)  aaaahhh.... retirement is the BEST! (I am retired ... right?... ha.. that's a joke!)

Oh... I almost forgot... my next project is this part of my desk!!!

This is my "junk" cabinet area....

This is under my desk!

p.s.  I do want to share with you that I really am a good housekeeper... I'm beginning to wonder who I'm kidding....... arg!

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