Monday, January 19, 2015

Farmhouse Blooms!! March delivery.

It's finally about to happen...

Our new line of fabric with Marcus Brothers will be shipping to shops in March.  Here it is!!

This doesn't look like us does it?  Well.... here's the inspiration behind this fabric... when we were little... we lived on a farm in Columbia City, Indiana.  We can still remember these fabrics that we had around the house... mom's aprons... tablecloths we would spread out in the yard under our HUGE maple trees... we would read comic books, color, and play with our dolls.  

They were "happy" fabrics and are vintage today.  So... we decided to bring them back so you too can make happy vintage... colorful quilts, pillows... etc.    The red and blue is the traditional color we remember... however, Marcus thought it would be wonderful to modernize it a bit and bring in a second color palette with pinks and aquas... and we love them!

I know Cinnamon's Quilt Shoppe (here in Jacksonville) will be carrying this line... so keep watch on her website and newsletter.  I'm sure she will announce their arrival for all of you!   Delivery will be sometime in March 2015.

Happy sewing!

Gloria & Vicky

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