Friday, December 26, 2014

The Party is Over.... NOT!!

Hi All!!

Today is December 26, 2014 - the day after Christmas... my sweet daughter's birthday - Heather!!!

I remember (40 years ago) when we lived in Great Lakes, IL (Jack was still in the Navy) and my doctor told me he would see me on Christmas Day... !!  She was due December 10... I told him NOOOOOOOOOO ... I don't want my baby born on Christmas - I want her to have HER special day.  Well...he just chuckled and told me... Merry Christmas!

Sure enough... Christmas NIGHT - I woke up and it was time... Just a few hours later...this wonderful little girl was born.  Back then we had no idea what sex we were having... it was a total surprise.  

When the doctor told me I had a baby girl... I cried... you see... I already had the best little boy in the world (Toby) and I wanted a little girl too since we decided two children was all we thought we wanted.  I was the happiest mommy in the whole wide world.

And here she is... my sweet, sweet Heather.  
I do believe she's one of best mothers, wife, friend, and Christian woman I know.  I'm sssssssssoooooooooo proud of her!  God certainly blessed Jack and I with she and TOBY.  

Happy Birthday my sweet Heather.... I simply love you more than words can describe...   Mommy

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