Tuesday, December 23, 2014


Merry Christmas to everyone!       

I recently gave these to my sewing friends and posted them to a Facebook page that I belong to for all of us wool addicts!  

Everyone loved them so much I decided to pass on the instructions to you.  I'm hoping this works... I use OneNote for my designs and I'm hoping I can get it moved to the blog.... here it goes!

Size:  Large 5"L x 3" w    Med 4" L x 2 1/2" w   Small  3" L , 2.75" w 
You may have to adjust drawings  on your printer to get these sizes.

Step 1:  Choose 2-3 colors of wool felt (you may use all wool - however the fibers must be tight together - wash in soapy water and dry).

Step 2:  Take a square of the light green and iron it together with a medium green using Heat-n-bond Lite.  Using two pieces of wool felt together give the leaf more stability.

Step 3:  Trace each of the above shapes on Freezer paper and press to the two joined pieces of wool felt.  Cut them out on the drawn line.  Remove Freezer paper.  It can be used over and over to make more!

Step 4:  Thread your sewing machine with green thread.  Stitch vein lines down the center and out on each leaf.

Step 5:  Attach buttons (stitch or glue)

Step 6:  Tie together in a group of 3 leaves and tie with red/white butcher string and a red jingle bell!

Step 7:  Attach a tag if you would like.

There you go.... My Christmas Gift To YOU!!!!  
These are so pretty on packages, hanging in the house, or as tree ornaments!


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