Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Hi there!!! 

I've hit a milestone.... I've celebrated my 65th birthday and am  now officially on Medicare.  You know... I really hate the sound of that!  Medicare... ouch!!  Of course the alternatives are a bit WORSE!  I was so excited the other day when I went to the doctor and didn't have to pay for my office visit.  However, since Jack and I have retired from the Navy and working... our insurance has risen 500% !!  Doesn't that seem a bit ridiculous?  Yep.... since we both HAVE to take Medicare versus just our Military Insurance we pay more... Gosh... crazy don't you think?  Oh well.... it is what it is and I'm ever so grateful our insurance isn't as much as some of these poor families have to pay.  

Speaking of medical insurance...this is why it's good to have!!!  One of my sewing buddies was in a terrible accident... look at this!  

She was hurt.... broken knee cap and ribs.  But she lived!!!  She said she didn't know what happened... driving fine and then boom...this happened!  The police officer said she hit a semi tire in the road.  Prayers and angels were with her.... speedy recovery Janice.  Thank the Lord you will be okay.  (((((((hugs))))))))

Another great accomplishment yesterday.... I DID OUR TAXES!!!  Yippee!!!!  We get back a return!!!  That's always the BESTEST OF THE BEST part!  I don't know what it is... but I hate doing the taxes.  It's rather a challenge doing them when you have a business... but once I'm finished.... it's such a relief!

Then... another FUN job crossed off my list... sending in changes to our fabric line - FARMHOUSE BLOOMS!  Vicky and I are so excited about this line!  It's totally different from what we normally sew with.  BUT.. .it's fun... great colors... and we have some super quilts and projects all lined up to make!  Remember the tablecloths our parents used in the 50's? (for those of you that are old enough) Well... that's the look and feel of it.  It's happy fabric!  Once we get it more finalized... I'll give you all another look at it.  They have it scheduled for the shops to order at the October market and delivery will be Jan/Feb!  Just in time for spring!

Today... I'm having lunch with my honey and BFF - Merry Ann!  Then I'm going to finish up some last minute projects for Jan's "Tea & Stitches" retreat.... work on the decorations for the sewing room... pick out my favorite tea cups we will be using for our afternoon teas... get them all washed and packed... it's only 9 days away!!!!   eeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkk........  I'm so excited for her.  I will be taking TONS OF PICTURES to post on the BLOG and FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM.

So... keep those machines humming.... I'll chat with you later!!


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