Friday, April 4, 2014

Check out the MarcusMentions blog!!

Hi everyone....

We wanted to be sure you continue to read the Marcus Fabrics blog... we have another article to share with you.  They post great tips, new fabrics coming up and fun things for all of you.

Here is the link:  MarcusMentions   Even I was excited to read it over again... they popped a new surprise at the bottom of the article about NEW WOOL they will be offering soon!  Hey... who doesn't love NEW WOOL DESIGNS!  I simply cannot wait to see it!!!

Today I'm working on a new quilt...and it is so much fun!  Joy (one of my sewing buddies) made this quilt and showed it to all of us (she's like a machine...pumps them out like crazy...!).  It's from our great friends at Missouri Quilt Company.  It's called the Mini Wacky Web Template... Check it out:  Wacky Template
Wacky Template updated information

It makes this sweet Periwinkle Pattern by Fons and Porter!  Here is the link to order:  Periwinkle Quilt

Isn't it sweet?  So fresh looking.... clean and crisp.  I'm making the smaller version at the moment... and I'm making my white sections out of 2 different background fabrics... so when I assemble the blocks it will make a secondary pattern within the quilt too!  Once I get a few block together... I'll post some photos.  I'm telling you .... you will love this.

Plus... you can use the "string" piecing method for the side templates and keep the center one plain.  The options are enormous!  

Okay... my honey is calling me for breakfast... I'm out of here....then on to my sewing machine!!

Have a super day!


p.s.  If you are a lover of reproduction fabric... check out Barbara Brackman's new line called Ladies Album.... I just ordered a fat quarter bundle!  Can't wait to give it a big HUG when it arrives!!
Ladies Album

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