Monday, March 24, 2014

Happy Monday Morning!!!

This is one of those weeks where ... I'm "finishing up" - "straightening up" - and "starting up" !  Whew... !!

Yes... I'm almost finished with all of the FUN THINGS for the Tea & Stitches Retreat (Jan Vaine) that we will help with from April 10 - 13!  We have all kinds of goodies for the gals... We sure hope they will be pleased.  Still have a few finishing touches... but the majority of the work is FINISHED!

Then... I'm "straightening up" my office... OMG!  Where does all this stuff come from... ?  I know... I know... it's from my multi-tasking! I can work on 10 things at one time and along with it make a HUGE MESS.  I just had to take some pics for you... Then I will do an after Pic when cleaned up.

This would be my printer area and filing system... isn't it ever so lovely?

This is the right side of my desk... of course there is the every wonderful cup of coffee and my rooster coffee rug mug that my friend Mary Ann made me... LOVE IT!  Use it EVERY SINGLE TIME I'm at my computer... and that's a BUNCH!

This is the chair in my office behind my desk.  This is where I  pile things that end up in my office that need to go into the sewing studio... I swear these things have little tiny feet and sneak in here at night when I'm fast asleep!  No wonder I am challenged at finding things.... does that happen to you?

So... I'm getting this area all pretty and spiffy... then I'll send follow up photos!

Gotta go... my coffee is empty and I MUST STAY FOCUSED TODAY!  HA! (that's a joke)

Hugs to all....


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