Wednesday, December 11, 2013

OMG!!! I'm pooped!!

Have you ever asked yourself... why does it make such a mess to decorate for the holidays... ?

I'm here to tell you... at this moment... my house looks like a bomb went off in it.. (((ouch)))!!  It reminds me when we changed out the displays in the store... wow...could we make a mess!  Then magically it all came together (some days I had my doubts)!  That's where I am at this day and time.  My back is killing me so I decided to sit and take a rest and catch up with all of you.

This morning I made a wonderful recipe called Ranch Pretzels (in the oven) that I am going to put into jars and give to my friends for Christmas!  It is so yummy.. only I'm changing it up a bit.. I'm adding oyster crackers, peanuts, white cheddar popcorn and CHOCOLATE!  Hey...that couldn't be bad... right?  

Here is the recipe!  You must try it..they are delicious!

Ranch Pretzels
Prep Time:  10 minutes (not even that long)
Cook Time:  1 hour

1 cup POPCORN oil
1 tsp dill weed
1 tsp garlic POWDER
1 pkg(dry powder (Ranch Dressing)
2 bags of pretzel sticks

1.  Put pretzels in a large bowl or plastic bag.
2.  Whisk the rest of the ingredients together
3.  Pour over the pretzels and mix and/or shake well until all is coated
4.  Bake at 250 degrees for ONE HOUR on TWO jelly roll pans.  Stir them every 15 minutes while baking.
5.  Once cooled - add the other goodies you would like (peanuts, candy corn (Halloween), M & M's, chocolate)
6.  Bag or store in airtight container.

YUM...YUM...YUM... Enjoy!

Next week... it's carmel corn!!  OMG... Denise (my friend) has such a wonderful recipe.. I can't wait to make it.. (actually I'm waiting so I won't eat it before giving it away).

Here are some pics for you....

Jack and I made these this morning... you use Christmas cups... or all white cups and drill a hole in the bottom.  Warning.. make sure you get the right drill bit - use it in a drill press and spritz water on the bit while it's working to keep it cool.  PLUS... we taped the underside (inside) of the cup to keep the porcelain from splintering. I researched how to do this on the Internet..!  

Then you add the silver bell - connected to the pipe cleaner.  I also added some greenery!  I can't wait to tie them to my tree!!

These ... are simply adorable... and I'm going go make some.  They are pine cone needle tassels!  How sweet they are... and how I would love them to tie to packages...

I've changed up my "Sewing Mouse" a bit... I decided to add some spools of thread to her garland and she's sporting a pair of scissors around her neck.  Her tuffet is attached to the vintage whisk broom.

Now...this sweet thing... I've almost finished.  She's going to be sitting with a Christmas tree...wait until you see... it's so cute.  She loves her tomato and I love her tape measure scarf.. plus she has a tomato leaf on her head!!

Now... this is a different mouse... I've only given you a small hint of her....she's not finished.  Don't you love that sweet little baby riding in her pocket... if you look close you can see it's little wire tail!

This I finished last night... it's in my kitchen.  These are antique graters... you put them over the top of votive candles.  I've discovered the flicker battery ones... it prevents the metal grater from getting so HOT!  It's so pretty at night!    I've used my Campfire Marshmallows tin and my plaid lunch boxes... you can't see them very well but I have cookie cutters inside the lunch box.

This picture is NOT GOOD... but you get the idea.  My paper whites are huge.  I have them tied together to prevent them from falling over.  Plus... I have added alcohol (rubbing alcohol or booze) to the water to stop their growth and make them bloom.  I waited a bit long for the alcohol... I'll know better next year.

I'll have more pictures for you of the Christmas decorations as they progress!  Why oh why do we put ourselves through all of this?  I'm shruggin' my shoulders here... I have no clue!!

Okay... I'm out of excuses... it's back to decorating... I'm working on the dining room!  

Ta Ta... chat later!


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