Sunday, December 15, 2013

Merry Christmas to All!!!

The last ornament has been hung on the tree.... YIPEE!!!  

Wow.. what a decorating marathon... and after all this... my honey says to me... you know what?  I think we should go away next Christmas...let's go somewhere!  I was a bit shocked!  After a split second... I said... GREAT IDEA!  However, we haven't figured out where that will be... but I'm sure we will.  Heck... I wouldn't even mind making reservations for Disneyworld...staying in one of the beautiful hotels.. where they have done all the decorating!  Hahahahaha!  I've never been at Disney at Christmas and I would love to see the beauty of it all....  aaahhh... I'm thinking that sounds pretty wonderful at this moment!

Vicky, Heather and I want to wish each of you a blessed Merry Christmas!  All of you are very special to us... and we want you to enjoy your family and thank the Lord for this season... and the reason for the season.  

Merry Christmas to each of you... love and enjoy this holiday season!

Gloria, Vicky & Heather

Please click on the link below and enjoy our Christmas slide show for all of you..

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