Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Merry Christmas Decorating...to you!!!

Hi everyone!!

Well... I've officially begun my decorating (just a little)!   Look what fun new things I've gotten for this year!!!

I went to Tucker's Farmhouse - Green Cove Springs... what a great family!!  They are so talented and this is the ONLY thing I could grab (the entire inventory sold out in 45 minutes)!  I know I've shared with you before my passion and admiration for families that do things like this together... I had a hard time controlling the tears when I say the Mom and Dad come out on the porch (before the sale) and wish us all a Merry Christmas.  What a joy to see a family to talented all working together.  A true gift to all of us!

This sweet bird... I love him!!!

This is my favorite... this great card they made from old tin buckets... it's hard to see but they are on wheels...all rusty and wonderful.  I can't wait to truly decorate with it.  I have a tree that is calling me to put in it!  Then the Jingle sign... made from a rust shingle...  A truly wonderful box of vintage bulbs.  I'm trying to collect enough to have an entire tree of vintage!  Wow...it's taking me forever to find cool ones!

I also picked up this tin Merry Christmas sign... I'm going to put it on the front door with a wreath.

 Then... look at these Santa cups... I'm going to clean them up and make beautiful trees to sit on the inside of them.  I just love these little fellows..the more vintage they are the better.  Heck...I don't even care if they have paint missing.  Gives them MORE character!

I simply cannot live without buying these old suitcases... I have a huge stack of them!  This one was even more of a bonus...it has the original sea sticker on it... from the Queen Elizabeth!  OMG!!  I snatched that this up so fast...if anyone would have been near me I would have knocked them over.  Guess how much this was?  ONLY $15.00 !!!  I didn't buy this bad boy... I stole it!  Ha!

Oh my... be still my heart... I love, love, love children's metal play toys.  These sweet things... well.. I have plans for them!  I'm going to take after my sweet daughter and start making some "critters" and these sweet toys will play a part with them.  You'll see these again later.... trust me!

This wonderful quilt was a heart throb of mine too... it's so much prettier than this picture... I have so many ideas for it... I simply can't decide.

Let's just say.... My "heart" was full of good tidings...spending the day with my sisters and daughter!  We all love the same things so shopping together is simply the besstessst of the best!!!  It had been SO LONG since we had all been together for the entire day... it was awesome!

Oh.. .before I forget... Jack and I decided to fill stockings for each of us this year.  Last year we didn't do anything and it was NO FUN!  So.. I told him I would make a list of some things that I like (he has no clue what to get me... what's up with that?  I love everything...)  So... while I was in Hobby Lobby.. I got this wild idea to take pictures of things I like!  Look what I have so far...

Large circle tags

Tiny little bottles

Distress ink pads

Baby rulers

Distress Markers

Number fondant cutters

Star fondant cutters

So.... what do you think?  Isn't this a great idea.  Then I'm going to let him know what isle they are in.  I'm not done yet... .my phone was dying so I didn't get to take all the pictures of my "love to have list"!  So... I'll be doing that again soon!.

Okay...gotta go...breakfast is ready...yyyyyuummmmm!!!  (I'm so spoiled)

Chat with ya'll later!

Don't forget to make your "stocking" list!  It's great fun.


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