Thursday, December 5, 2013

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!

Wait until you see what my sweet honey is doing for me!!!  LOOK!!!  Yes... he's stringing cranberries and popcorn for our tree!  I can't decide if it goes on my "kitchen tree" or the one in the living room.  I think I'll go with the smaller kitchen tree so he won't have to do tons more... I can tell it's not his favorite thing...even though he's being quite the sport about it... and a great job.  He lost a needle already...he thinks it went in the trash.... had to come ask for another one.  Silly goose!

Here is my Kitchen Christmas Tree.... See the plaid container?  Well... I've been collecting them this past year (thanks to all my friends helping me) and the big one (I have two...) now holds this awesome 4' pre-lit tree that I bought from Michael's.  Now...this was the deal of the year... retails for $59.99 and they had them on sale for $20.00!!  Thanks to Vicky for letting me know... I went and got her two of them and me one.  Darn it... I wish I would have bought a second one.  I could have put it in the "girls" (granddaughters) room for the holiday.  Hmmm... I may just have to go back and see if they still have some!

I'm going to put Christmas cookie cutters, my berry popcorn garland... and other stuff on this tree.  I'll show you another picture when it's finished.

LOOK!!!  I simply adore ice skates...(these are children's cute) I think because it reminds me of staying at our grandparents for the Christmas school break... They bought us our first pair of skates!!  Got them extra big - we stuffed socks in the we could wear them for many seasons.  Gosh...did we skate a lot....   and...fell down oh so many times!!!  We made "fox and goose" trails in the snow on the lake... what wonderful memories... We LOVED staying with our grandparents..  Then we would come inside to hot chocolate and homemade chocolate pie piled high with meringue. ... sit by the big fireplace and get warm.  ((sniffle.. I sure do miss them...)))  Grandpa always smelled like Juicy Fruit gum and Old Spice aftershave... Grandma smelled like Lucky Strike cigarettes (everyone smoked back then) and cooking grease (from fried potatoes - she fixed them a lot!)  . Wow...was she ever a great cook.....

It's so wonderful to have memories....

Look how my paper whites are doing!!!  They are ready to bloom!  I have to add some "alcohol" to the water!!  That's what my friend Paula told me to do (she's growing them too)!  I even checked on the Internet and they tell you the mixture ratio...  I'm thinking I should have done it a little earlier... oh well...we'll see what happens.  I'm ready for some BLOOMS!!!

We have two NEW wonderful PRIMITIVE Christmas decorations that will post to the website today or tomorrow!!!

Our first fellow... RUDOLPH!!  He's so adorable... with his wool heart and scarf and his grungy pipe cleaner antlers!  I'm going to tuck mine in the center of a greenery arrangement... he will look perfect!

Then... we have the most adorable snowman ever!  I love his little expression...and that nose... attached with a safety pin!  The stick arms are so adorable...and he sits up!!  He... is going on the inside of a wreath! him!!!


I'm working on several different a collection... then I'm going to have an auction (more on that at a later date).  

Here is my first one... remember ?

He's just a tiny thing... he LOVES his Christmas tree is my newest one...
 I still have some final details to finish up...

This little gal is holding a HUGE stuffed strawberry!  She's sitting in a decorative tin cup (with moss) and sporting that big
 curly brown tail!

Then I added a homespun red scarf... and a strawberry cap on her head!!

I'm having the most fun making these little critters... Wait until you see the next two I'm designing... 

So "stinkin' " CUTE!

Ok... gotta go.. it's time to put a casserole together to take to my sewing group today!  

Chat with you later... more mice to come...


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