Wednesday, December 18, 2013

eeeekkkk.... the "Mice" have taken over the house....!


Did I fool you?  They aren't 'real' mice ... they are my new creations that I simply CANNOT STOP MAKING!!!  OMG!!  They are so much fun.  I wake up in the morning...stretch in bed and new ideas pop into my brain!  I've told my friends this story... I don't know what it is... but when I first wake up in the morning... I get the most clear ideas in my head!!  What's up with that?  Then I ask myself...why in the heck can't I think like this all day?  We need to bottle up those clear brain cells and inject them into our food so we are creative and brilliant ALL DAY LONG!  Would you happen to know of anyone that could do that for me?  (((let me know)))

Here's my last two "new" mice... The first one is "Thimblelina" - 

I found an old sewing box at a thrift store and it was full of fun notions... here is the thimble I found !!! It's the kind with the open end (on top) and it just had to to on her head for a hat!!

Then.... here is my other one...This is "Mistletoe"... she's wearing mistletoe on her head as a hat! (kind of hard to see in this picture).  She's also holding a jingle bell and has a sweet button stitched to her tail.

Hey... I have to tell you something... the other day I went into my favorite "thrift store" and there on the shelf was this jar!  You could tell someone had been cleaning and purging from their kitchen...because it was full of those little corn handles... you know  -  the kind you stick in the end of "corn-on-the-cob"?  All shapes and sizes... yellow and green ones... Well, I'm not sure why but I just had to have them ($1.99 WHAT A DEAL).  I had no clue what in the heck I was going to do with them... but they just called my name and had to come home with me.  

Well... here's where the early morning "wake up clear brain thinking thing" kicked into gear!  MICE LOVE TO EAT CORN...   When we lived on the farm... we always found the mice trying to eat the corn that we fed to the animals!  eeekkk!!!  They used to scare the you know what out of us when we would see them scurrying in the barn.  I'm not afraid of mice... in fact (you may think this a bit strange) but I actually adore them!  Yes I do.. now you know... I like mice!  I think their little faces are so cute...right up there with baby kittens!  Now my friend (Karen) would totally disagree with me... she FREAKS out when she sees them!  Ha!  

So... back to my idea... of the corn handles and mice!  Well... I can't tell you yet... it's going to be a surprise... I'm working on it today!  Then I'll show you... how's that sound?  I'm actually making this "corn" creation for a friend of mine... but I can't tell you who that is... I think she reads my blog and it will spoil the surprise!!

So.. I'm heading to the kitchen for another cup of coffee...then into my studio to get busy!  Of course... once again... someone came into that room and totally made it a mess.  When I find out who that is...they are DEAD MEAT!!  ((ha..ha))  I wish I could snap my fingers and it would be back to it's pretty, organized self again!  ((sigh)) oh well...that's not going to happen ((second sigh))!  

Ta da... I'm going to play with my mice now...


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