Friday, December 13, 2013

And... the decorating continues....

Good Morning....

Yes... the decorating continues...

X     Front Door

X     Front Door Entry Area

X     Foyer

X     Dining Room

X     Kitchen

X     Living Room

X     Porch

X     Christmas Quilts on Wall

        Kitchen Tree 

        Big Tree

        Sewing Studio

n/a   Bathrooms (3)  (Yes...they have been eliminated from the list -  enough is enough!!)  

As you can see... I'm almost there!  Vicky told me she's finished and with all that she has done in her house... she's leaving it up until February so she can enjoy it.  The wonderful thing about decorating... it's so tough sorting... putting it up... because you see... I like to change it around from year to year... never does the same thing go back to where it was last year!  Of course... I don't know's not like anyone else would remember where it was but me... HA!  Then... here comes the good part... it all COMES DOWN faster than it goes up!  I'm sounding a little "hum-bug" here aren't I?  Sorry... don't mean too.. I'm just getting a little past the tired phase .. how in the heck did we do all of this at the OGC?  Oh yah... I know... there were TONS OF US DOING THIS... together!

The tree is all ready for me... Jack took great time and skill and put the lights on the tree PERFECT!  He knows I love lots of lights and he is so meticulous at not seeing the cords.  Thanks're the best.

Then... it will be time to put order back into the garage.  Lexie came over the other day - walked into the garage...came running back into me and said: "GG what has happened in the garage?  It's a mess!"  aaahhh... out of the mouths of babes!  Ha!

Here are some photos for you...

Foyer Area...

Lexie popped up and got into the picture...silly worm....

 Front Door... Child's toy snow shovel!!

Old Red Sled I've had for years... My new sign from Tucker's Farmhouse... free greenery from Christmas Tree lot... skates (Goodwill - $6.99), red beads (Goodwill - $1.00 for a HUGE bag of them), Walmart - poinsettias - ONLY $3.00!), Deer (already had)... This is at the front door...

Dining Room  - This lamp as an antique paper writing box... got it years ago at an auction and Jack made it into a lamp for me.  I still need to find a different's a challenge to find JUST the RIGHT one!

Kitchen - antique graters that you put battery operated flicker candles under.  Soooooo pretty at night.  My favorite - vintage Campfire marshmallow tin for my poinsettia pot!  Those plaid lunchboxes I've been collecting this year too!  Thanks to all of my friends that have found them for me (((( hugs ))))

One of my favorite Santas!!!  

Sitting in an old child's wagon with my new purchase from Tucker's Farmhouse... my tree tub!

Saw this idea on Pinterest... collect old felt stockings and hang them like a curtain... These were anywhere from $.69 to $.99 each... I wanted to be a little more clever with the hanging idea...but this is all you get this year.  I'll try something different next Christmas!

Dining Room table... I simply adore this deer.  We sold them in the store... they are rusty metal.  I see my bottle brush tree is a bit wonky...sorry about that...

Same thing... different angle!

Love to decorate under the tables too!!!  Mercury glass... one of my absolute favorites!  Lisa... see how pretty my ball looks?(she gave it to me one year for Christmas...LOVE IT!)

Another NEW MOUSE!!!  

These were the most fun to make... I even went out and bought more ingredients to make more!!  I'm giving a bunch of these away for Christmas gifts... my new ones are going to all be Gingerbread men that I'll be using with a new line of  mice I'm making...

Lexie and I made up our "snack mix" for my sewing buddies!  (((( shhhhhhhh... don't tell them. ooopps.. they may be reading this!  Oh well... they are NOT finished there is still a surprise for them...

These are the lids... I printed labels from my Silhouette Cameo and adhered them to the to of the jar lid.  Then you spread a little (non-toxic) glue around the rim and dip them in cookie sprinkles!  It looks like it snowed on the lid!  Lexie and I had fun doing this together...she's a good little helper!

Here's another new mouse... this is just the beginning stages of her... don't you love her sweet little baby in her pocket?

I think she's about to eat that cookie.... HA!!

Well..that's it for the day... my honey is home from the gym and cooking breakfast... that bacon and coffee sure smells yummmmmmyyyyy!!!!  It's off to eat... and then on to the laundry and tree decorating...
Then I'm packing up and heading to Cinnamon's to do a little sewing this evening with my buddies!!  R & R is in order (rest & relaxation) for me!

See you on the flip side!


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