Sunday, November 3, 2013

Yes...Houston... we are gone!

Well... did you think I had flown the coop?  What a whirlwind... but a great one!

Vicky and I returned to Jacksonville on Wednesday afternoon... and was I ever ready TO GET OUT OF THAT CAR!  Wow.. it seemed like it took forever to get home (it always does...doesn't it?)

We had a super trip... setting up our booth... visiting with our new Marcus family... having fun with our pals from Red Crinoline Quilts... aaahhh!!!  We are so blessed to have wonderful friends!  Then... we got to see all of our hundreds of favorite vendors and their wonderful talents.  I know I've said this before... and I know I'll say it again... but I am simply amazed at the talent God gives each of us.  It fills my heart with joy to see how these men and women get to design and fill their lives with JOY!  That's what it is all about... JOY!  Making your sole feel happy, doing good things for the Lord... simply having a wonderful - fulfilled life!  And mine is SUPER FULL....let me tell you!

Here are some photos for you!

This was our display.... Marcus was so good to us...they gave us the end-cap of their booth... these quilts were showing right on the main isle of the show!  Thank you Marcus!!

This was one of the articles they posted to their Facebook Page.... This is just a few of the Marcus group!

Heather sent them this graphic design she made.... they made a HUGE sign for our display.  I was so excited when Pati (Director of Advertising and Marketing) told me I could take it home and give it to Heather.  

 We were even more excited that Marcus has asked us to work on another line of fabric... YIPPEE!!  It's one that is near and dear to us... all about our childhood - living on a farm as kids!  What fun memories we have - those memories we are going to tie into our fabric line and new projects!  We'll keep you posted!  Now... don't be shocked when you see the color palette... it's totally different from our "primitive/vintage" concept!  But it's "happy" and "fun"!!


  Then... across from the Marcus booth were Red Crinoline Quilts!!!  Their triple booth was stunning...

I'm so sorry... I don't remember the names of every quilt in these photos... but these are made from their new line of fabric with Marcus Brothers - Bordeaux and Sienna.  

This is their current Block-of-the-Month - Hampton Ridge!  
 River Road is to the right.

And.... still more delight!!

 There is Paula and Mary Ellen talking with their customers!!!
They are still festival!  They are pooped...but having a great time.  Festival is VERY well attended this year and people are buying up a storm!  That's what we love to hear!  
Go to their website:  Red Crinoline Quilts  and see MORE.  Plus they have kits for them!  I don't think the new ones are on the site yet...but they will be.

Then... we saw our friend Lynn from Kansas Troubles!!!!  
She's a hoot!

Hey...did you know she has an awesome retreat and store ???  
Oh Yes... I've been to the retreat several times and it is ssssssssssoooooooooo wonderful!  Now... I do want to tell you... I'm pretty picky about my retreat spots... and this one is right up there as a 10!!!  Go to her website and check it out! 

Then... I had to take these pictures of some great new project Blackbird Designs was working on... YES...they are recipe boxes.  This top one is covered in brown paper with this adorable lid cover - cross stitched!

This sweet one was all from paper... isn't it adorable?

Then.... Primitive Gatherings was there with all of their awesome wool and quilts.  I know Nick hates to have his picture taken...but he's such a great guy... I just had to show you!

left to right... Luke (their son), Jessica (sweet...sweet... girl!  Store Manager - wow does she work hard), Nick, and Lisa !!

Hey... they have a 10+ store and sewing escape too!!!  Oh My... breath-taking!  What a talented group of hard working employees they have.  Nick and Lisa run the business together!  

Pay Wys - Silver Thimble Quilt Company

(you are so stinkin' sweet)  This is her NEW Book!!!  Look for it at your local quilt shop... or order from Pat's website!! (Hey Pat... I think you and your "groupies" need to come on our cruise - June 1, 2014!... check it out!  What a hoot it will be!)

Then... I visited with Joyce from Geoff's Mom Quilts!  I picked up two of her newest wool designs for my B-a-a-a-d Girls Club!  They are going to love it!  Be sure and visit her website also for ordering her great patterns! (can't wait until our cruise)

 Geoffs Mom Patterns

So...that's all I have for you.  I know... I'm bad!!  I admit - I would fail, get fired, booted out... as a photographer!  I'm a failure at REMEMBERING TO TAKE PICTURES!  I just get so involved in what I'm doing... the picture thing just goes away!  It's all about soaking everything in... visiting.... learning... the right side of my brain (isn't that the creative side?) is simply on overload!  I honestly don't know why my head is NOT terribly misshaped... you would think I would have this giant bulge over my right ear... sticking out as far as my shoulder!  Will the brain ever stop?????  Will it slow down????  NO!!! (I really don't want it to!)

Hugs to all of you!  

p.s.  I'm waiting for one more pattern to get finished up at the printer... then they are ready to be mailed to those of you that pre-ordered.  PLUS... go to the website and order one each... of all our new ones! 8 new patterns... in the Quilt section and the Project section!


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