Saturday, November 30, 2013

Wonderful NEW STUFF!!!

Hi everyone....!!!

Wow...was our Thanksgiving ever wonderful...!  We had a full house and it was so great to be with all of the kids, eat delicious food, and just relax.  Then..yesterday we had a "sister's day" and went antiquing!  We drove to MacClenny and visited Rachel's Farmhouse (love you Cindy!) and then headed to Franklin Mercantile and shopped with Kathy.  It was her open house and we had hot cider, spice cake and homemade bread pudding.  I also found some real treasures... miniature cookware that will soon be sporting small furry creatures!  I can't even show you simply has to be a surprise.  Heather (she has such an eagle eye) spotted the adorable Christmas Tree that was decorated with all of these sweet things.  It was the find of the day for me!

After a day of fun shopping... we headed back to the house and had yummy leftovers.  Why do they taste so much better the second day?  So wonderful.  

Today I'm headed to Tucker's Farmhouse in Green Cover Springs.  I've never been there before... so I'm so excited.  My girlfriend, Sara, told me about it... she may be sorry she did!  Ha!

Then it's back home to straighten up the house a bit... put away my fall decorations and get ready for 


We have a new tree this year so I'm excited to work on it... This is our first year in this house for Christmas so it will be fun to decorate.

I love to have my coffee in the morning and read my favorite blogs, check out Facebook, play on Pinterest... don't you?  Well, this morning I visited the website of Primitive Gatherings and saw tons of new patterns that you will love and just had to share them with you.  Here we go!!  (photos are not the best...sorry..)

I know pumpkin season is over...but I just wanted you to see this adorable table runner.  How cute is this!  I love the vine down the middle and the way the stems and leaves hang over the edge.

This house quilt is so darn wonderful.  I have something for houses...not sure why... but LOVE THEM!  The dark sky is so makes the houses pop out of the quilt.

Snowmen!!!  Who could not but LOVE these fellows.  I simply must have this pattern!!

I'm such a fan of dark background quilts.  I guess it's the primitive lover in me... and this one fits the bill.  Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.  Of course...that it's made with wool could be a GIANT plus too!

This is Lisa's NEW BOM that she designed.  We were so lucky...when we were in Wisconsin we went to her lake house for brunch (she cooked for sweet...) and she was working on this quilt at that time.  If I remember correctly she was working on all of these 1/2 square triangles for her borders.  What an heirloom for your family.  Wool applique...ya gotta love it.

We don't have the entire picture of this beautiful quilt...but think the color combinations are fabulous.  Then to add the holly applique on the border is a GREAT BIG BONUS!!

Red and white... need I say more?  I've always wanted to make one of these alphabet quilts...and here it is with a gorgeous center.  I wouldn't mind cuddling up under this and learning my ABC's .. .would you?

Here's my "primitive side" coming out again.  OH MY... this is so sweet, warm and cozy looking.  How cute is this quilt?  My favorite?...the little skunk in the lower panel! 

Then...again... I love sweet - bright  - and happy.  These tulips are made from Lisa's fabric line... simply adorable!

And then we jump back into the primitive mode again....can you say "fickle"?  HA!  I simply love too many things...that's all there is to it.  I'm thinking I would have to put this around a tree that has NO gifts under it.  I couldn't stand covering it up!

Okay...that's my quilt show for the day..... we will be visiting my other favorite blogs and websites and show you what's new!  If you are interested in ordering any of these patterns... go go Primitive Gatherings Quilt Shop  and order TODAY!  She has some freebies to give you if you order more than $20.00 and I'm telling you...they are adorable!  Trust me on this!

Have a great Saturday!


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