Sunday, November 17, 2013

It's almost Turkey Time!

Hi everyone!

Well...can you believe it's almost "turkey time"!  Wow... the months fly by don't they?  Amazing!  I adore Thanksgiving... it's such a fun time for our family.... then... it's a holiday where we all get together...just to be together!  No stress about buying gifts - wrapping - decorating... it's all about cooking yummy food and being with family.  Feeling sleepy after our meal (it's that darn turkey that does it), giggling together, laughing....

I'm so excited... I left some bids on items at an auction here in town and I won some of them!  Here they are!!

Sorry for the poor pictures... I was snapping them quickly at the auction to help me remember what I left bids on!  This first one is a lovely old box with handles cut out on the ends.  I'm not sure why...but I love old boxes!  This one will be great full of projects that I can carry from place to place!

Then... we need to speak "vintage suitcases" - Yes... I'm addicted to them!  We used them in our booth when we did shows and you should see everyone stop and stare at our moving dolly when we would wheel them onto the main floor when we were setting up.  I wish I had a dollar for every person that asked if they were for sale!  NO!  (that was the answer...said very politely...)  Ha!
This is a small one (which are my favorite) and it's in perfect condition on the inside and out!  The locks work perfect - which is normally an issue when you find these old ones.  I already have a space picked out in the house... I'll send you a picture after it's "home" (picking up on Monday).

Then.. I needed a small side table beside the couch.  This is perfect... for sitting your drink on... or my sewing box (if I'm at that end of the couch).  I love the green color someone pained it...then made it look old and shabby...right up my alley!

Now...this was the one thing I REALLY WANTED TO WIN!!!   It's s small wagon.. I can't even tell if it's old or not...but it sure looked like it.  Rusty wheels... great patina (of's GREEN!)  It is going to be the home of my Santa's this Christmas!!!  PLUS... I'm working on a new project... !

I've always wanted to try and sculpt Santa faces and put them into primitive Santa dolls.  So... I have my clay, tools, and I'm going on line to learn how.  Then... if I can make something half way decent - I'll make my primitive Santa (or more) and put them with this wagon.  So what do you think?  Santa on the front seat and a primitive Christmas tree in the back?  Sounds like Heaven to me!  I'll keep you posted on my progress!!

I just finished these trees... they are origami and fun to make... then I sprayed them with snow glitter...added red shiny berry beads, moss, and perched them on an antique tin pudding mold.  These too were so much fun to make.

Today I am headed out to Cinnamon's for our second session of our Featherweight Club!  It's just a fun relaxing time where we all sit and sew together... and yea... and we eat too!  I need to think of a snack to take...hhhmm... what could it be?  I'll have to whip through the grocery and see what tickles my tummy!  

So... everyone have a super Sunday!  I'll chat with you later this week.


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