Wednesday, November 13, 2013

I love it... I love it... I simply, simply love it!!!


I know... all of you up north probably want to strangle me..!!  Right?!  Well... you see - here in Florida we dream of chilly weather, NO HUMIDITY, and the smell of that cool air is simply divine!  It's only supposed to be 51 degrees here today!  Whhhoooopppiiieeee!  I'm cracking the windows up a bit and airing out the house.  LOVE IT!!!

I've been working on so many things... OMG.. I just can't keep my mind going like this!  It's on a FAST TRAIN!!!  I had November and December B-a-a-a-d projects to make, then I want to teach two classes at Cinnamons the first quarter of 2014 (time to get things up and going for their class calendar) PLUS I have to make 3 new things for B-a-a-a-d Girls for quarter 1 of 2014 - to entice them to enroll!!  So... here's what I've done!!

First... I'm making this adorable mistletoe (to sell on my website) along with my strawberries!  I so remember our parents buying fresh mistletoe every Christmas season.  They would hang it up on the top of the door from the kitchen to the living room.  We would stand under it and tease them to come kiss us!  Such a fun memory!  It's made from wool with antique buttons, jingle bell and butchers twine.  Watch for it soon on my website (making them at the moment).  You can hang it in your home, use it as a tree decoration, package tie (great gift) ... plus it won't die and dry up like the real ones do!

Then.... look what else we will have for sale!!  Yep... lots of strawberries!!

This one I so... so... adore.  it's made from antique linen and wool.  I've stamped a star on the strawberry then added a tape measure bow with a button!

This sweet thing is made from an old cutter quilt and wool.  It looks huge in this picture - however, it's about the size of a real giant strawberry!

Then... we have the strawberry on the spool with the tape measure ribbon!!

or...we just have plain strawberries - attached to pin cushions!

Whew... I've been busy!  Then.... we have the November and December B-a-a-a-d Girls projects!!

The JOY banner was great fun to make.  I will have be offering these on the website also.  The bows will not be this exact ribbon and the greenery may be a bit different - but it will have the same look!

This is our December project!!  It's our adorable wool snowman on top of a wool pin cushion.  Then...let's talk about this tree!!!  Yes... you are correct - it's growing from his head!!!  He's simply adorable!

Then... comes January, February and March B-a-a-a-d Girls!! OMG!!!

First... we will make this sweet, sweet bird pincushion/knick knack!!  She's so sweet!

In February we will add the matching scissor keep.  It has lace/ribbon that you attach and hang from your neck.  I'm using mine for decoration in my sewing studio.

Then in March we will work on this daisy pin.  It's also made from wool.  I've attached one of my personal "bee" buttons to the flower!  I can't wait to wear it!

The other two classes I will be teaching are so cool!  I found them at Houston market this past month.

First... it's the Beatle Bag!!  This is designed to hold your projects, supplies, patterns... whatever you choose.  it all wraps up with the velcro straps. adorable is this?  Those Abbey Lane Girls...they are a hoot and I love them to death.  They work so-so-hard to design wonderful new quilts and projects.. and they are right here in Florida with us!  Way to go chickies!!  ((hugs))

Then... here is another favorite I found!!   Sorry about the poor photo... It's a jar organizer.  The top becomes a pincushion and then you make pockets for the sides to hold your scissors, notions, etc.  The inside you can use as a mini-trash can while working on your project - it can old larger items you may need to store.  I fell in love with this and can't wait to get mine made.  I'll post pictures of both the Beatle Bag and the Jar Organizer when I get them finished.

I also did a little origami and made these sweet trees from music paper.  Added some glitter, topped them on an antique pudding tart pan (kind of hard to see) with some green spanish moss, red beads... and then housed it in a shiny glass jar with red bow.  Such fun to make!

and the last thing I've done... is plant some Paperwhite flowers - I'm praying they will grow and not rot and die! 
 I am a HUGE FAN of paperwhites.  
Have no clue why... just adore them!
Here's how they are now... they have even sprouted !!! 
 (Yippee they are not dead yet...) they progress in size - I'll post pictures.  Please keep these sweet bulbs in your prayers! 
 I have a BLACK thumb! (so sorry to say).

Okay.. the electricity has gone on and off a million times since about 2:00 am this morning and I'm pretty darn tired of it.  I've reset the house alarm - well... I can't even remember how many times.  It's now been 30 minutes and I think we are on the home stretch.  It sure is hard to type a blog when the power poops out!

Have a great day... make something pretty!!!  Celebrate Handmade!


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