Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Yippee!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't stand myself!!


The last pattern has been written... it's now in the "proofing" stage!!  Vicky is meticulously going over the math.... reading for clarity.... yada yada...yada!  I'm sure there will be a few changes and then the printer does her magic.  I'm sssssssssoooooooooooo relieved the pattern writing is over.  8 projects...whew!

We are packing our display items away for the trip.  I have quilts to pick up at Cinnamon's that we must take with us.

We are helping Red Crinoline finish up bindings on 5 quilts... Heather is taking photos of several of them...then we take them with us in the car to Houston.  It simply takes an army you get all of this done.  

When you walk into Quilt Market...everything is so "put together" - but if you had to add the number of hours and people to make it look that way.. well... let's just say it would knock your socks off!  

Yesterday - I went "Thrifting".  Know what that is?  Yes... I went Thrift Store Shopping.  What FUN!!  I found some wonderful red curtain panels to use in making some stuffed strawberries... A super FUN little hooded sweatshirt for Lexie, and lots of little things to use for surprises that I'm making!  It's amazing what people have had in their homes... actually it's a bit scary too!  Wow...!  That's all I have to say about that!

Tea cup bellHere are some 'loves' that I've found - I think I may try my hand at several of these!!  Are these not the sweetest cup bells?  I'm looking for sweet cups that have a Christmas look about them.  Jack is going to help me drill holes (it takes a special drill bit) and then I can decorate them.  So sweet hanging on the tree... or placed in a sweet basket or bowl! 

  Or this sweet little strawberry!  It holds your scissors, notions and on the inside your pins!  This will be finished I'll show you my finished item.  I think I'll be making several to sell on my website.  What sweet gifts to give your friends for the Christmas season!  Or... just because you want too.

I don't know about you... but I'm simply a BIG 
sucker for old fashioned cookie cutters!
Cute idea! Ornaments from cookie cutters & ribbon...

I'm on the hunt for items
for a tree that I plan to 
put up in my kitchen 
this year.  This little fellow will have to be on the tree! 

I'm scouring the antique stores and eBay.  If any of you spot any great Christmas ornaments - the old tin or metal ones... let me know!

Today I'm cutting strips for a quilting exchange I'm participating in. It's a "Trip Around The World" quilt.  I've never made one and I think (with the right color combinations) they are simply stunning!  

We are concentrating on Christmas colors... both the traditional colors and the pastel Christmas color look.  I can't wait to get started.  So.. it's off to the ironing board for some pressing and cutting!

Have a great day... enjoy your sewing time!


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