Friday, October 11, 2013

Yes... they need some tweekin! It has been confirmed!

Good Morning!

I took my little cooking project to my sewing group and we are all pretty much in agreement...they need some tweekin'.  I'm going to use better dough, egg wash on top with sugar, PLUS.. I'm going to cut them into normal shapes.  The cookie cutter concept is beautiful... but too much of a pain.  Plus.. I don't think I'm going to pre-toast the nuts.  I'm not sure they need it...they were really kind of hard when you chewed on them.  

Hey... I wanted you all to see this...  You all must know by now how much I LOVE PINTEREST!!  Look at this idea...duh!!  Why in the heck didn't I think of this!  As many times that I've moved in my life and this never crossed my mind to do.  Instead...I fight with things falling off the hangers... worry about them getting dirty in the trunk of the car... so SMART!!!  (Then they had to be even more clever and put tags on which closet they go in...some girls are just too much...don't you think?)

Take a look at me!!!  Aren't I adorable?  I thought this was so DARN cute!  What a happy way to great fall guests into your home ... set him on the front porch and watch the smiles as they see this little fellow!

I'll bet if more pumpkin patches had this sweet sample...they would sell more pumpkins.  

Or... what about these little fellows.  I just love these weird shaped... wonderfully nubby... pretty colored gourds!  The candles in them are perfect!

Then...this table setting is to die for.  What a beautiful addition to your fall party?  Or a fall wedding???

I can remember (as a child) we always had Indian corn at the used it to decorate with a lot!  I think it's so cool how each kernel of corn is so different.  Mother Nature is at her best!

Isn't is so cute simply wrapped around a candle.  Hey... I'll bet all the church groups that sell the pumpkins could sell tons of candles too if they had displays made up like this!  I know I sure would buy one.

And this... well..let's just say...this is ME!  Love...the dried up look...the whisp-e-ness look and feel... PLUS it's in a heart shape.  I would love to make one of would look so awesome hanging over my fireplace mantle.

And... to use them as little planters.... makes my heart go pitter-pat.  I want to get a couple BIG ones and hollow them out...then sit potted mums on the the front door.  OH MY!!!  

I did read a trick... to keep the pumpkin living longer...spray the inside of it with bleach/water mixture.  Then rub the inside with Vaseline to help keep the mold from growing.  I wouldn't think the bleach mixture would be wise if you're putting plants in the pumpkin.  I also read you can spray the outside of the pumpkin with a we use in crafting... either a matte finish..or shiny if you like that look better.

And then ... there's the fall berries.  I'm not sure what it is...but I REALLY have this thing for berries!  I mean I LOVE berries...of all kinds!  They are so beautiful...

 and then to have bittersweet AND Japanese lantern vine all together  ... I'm in Heaven!!

Okay... that's it... I'm going to get pumpkins today... or at least this weekend.  I'm now officially in the FALL FEELING mood!!  Aren't you?

You... have a happy day!  I'm getting to work on my last pattern...finishing it up... then I'm celebrating.  10 more days until we leave for market....whhhoooieeee!!!


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