Monday, October 21, 2013

On The Road Again.....


It's time to load the car and hit the road again!  Vicky and I are off to Houston, Texas to Quilt Market.  This year is even MORE EXCITING as we will have our fabric display all set up at the Marcus Fabrics booth... plus we get to see our buddies - Paula and Mary Ellen... and all of the other great designers and vendors we have to come to know over the past 13 years!  Woohhhhhiiiieeee !!!  Plus we are going to do a little antiquing and Thrift Store shopping on the way (we hope).   We talked about driving out there in one day... then we woke up from that silly nightmare and decided NO WAY!  I'm just too old to sit in a car that long.  

This has been a whopping busy weekend!  Saturday we had our B-A-A-D Girls Club and made our candle wraps.  Everyone did a fabulous job and they were all so darn beautiful!!

This will be our November wool project!!  I think it's so adorable.  Vicky will have to be there with me!!!  She and Heather were the bow queens!!  They could make the prettiest bows... I (however) not so much!!!  

So... if you plan on attending... let Cinnamon's know so we can be sure and have enough supplies on hand.  Students will bring their RED WOOL and BOW RIBBON with them.  I will supply the chair jute webbing and the greenery.  Supply lists will come to all of you in a few weeks...after I return from Texas.

I did work on another new design this weekend... here was my inspiration...  I love the textures... wool, pleated paper, lace, buttons, primitive stitchery, rusty key and that one touch of the little silver trinket.  How adorable!!  I love the combination of primitive and vintage mixed together...

I tried mine a little different... I put a pretty coordinating wool on the back (sorry no picture of that side) and then picked a beautiful print (Blackbird Designs - LOVE THEM!) for the front.

I'm not 100% happy with it... but you have to make several attempts to get new designs just right.  Mine looks more Victorian... don't you think?  Not quite the look I was going for.  It is MUCH prettier in person than in this photo... I must admit.  I did fill mine with a mixture of crushed shells and lavender.  My sewing studio smells LOVELY!  So... I think I'll work on a second... or third... or even more until I get it just right.  (smaller heart, smaller bow, "age" the paper to look older, add the stitchery and key) Will you tell me what you think?  Send me comments on ideas you may have!!

I'm not sure if you know this or not ... but I LOVE BUTTONS!!!  I was playing on Pinterest the other day (no surprise there...) and found this clever way to FIX those silly sweaters ... you know the kind where the arms grow bigger and bigger and longer and longer every minute you have it on!!  I can remember as a teen I had this mohair sweater... OMG... the arms felt like they were hanging to my knees the longer I wore it.  i wish I would have thought of this super idea!!  Don't you adore this? 

Look at the new addition to the family!!! 

This is Vincent and our new baby girl... Isabelle Victoria Iannucci !!!  Yes... Vicky has another grandchild....!!  Are they not adorable?  I just want to eat them up!  Yesssiiirrrr.... I can just see her having her daddy (Peter) wrapped around her little finger in NO TIME!! 
 (I hear it's already happened!)

Today... it's off to the bank... pack up the quilts and display stuff... pack clothes... clean up my messy sewing studio (honestly... I swear there are little "mean" pixies in there at night tearing the crap out of everything... they need to go away), cook chicken Marsala for dinner, and collapse!

Then it's up bright and early and off we go.  

We will be taking pictures and posting them to Facebook and the Blog... So.. keep watching!

A GREAT BIG THANK YOU to Lynn Graham and Cathy Peters for quilting all of our new models so fast and so beautiful!!!  YOU TWO ARE THE BESTEST OF THE BEST!!!  

Take care and we'll be home before you know it!

Gloria & Vicky

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