Saturday, October 5, 2013

More new things to show you...

Good Morning!!

I've been working on some new designs... the first one is for our October B-a-a-a-d Girls Wool Club this month!  We are beginning to work on some Christmas and "winter" projects.  Here's the first one... a candle wrap!  I had purchased some wonderful burlap ribbon at Hobby Lobby sometime ago...waiting for just the right inspiration.  I love decorative candles... and when you spice them up with something you have made yourself...well...let's just say it adds so much to the beauty of the centerpiece.  Here I used the burlap ribbon with some red ric rac, wool holly leaves, vintage tinsel (LOVE IT) and red buttons.  It hooks in the back with one button and a twisted thread that you wrap around the button...  

Now the best part of all... this is FAST and you can make them any size - they even look gorgeous around jar candles.  When the flame is lit in the jar candle... the light peaks through the ribbon openings and it is so pretty.

I adore making things from cutter quilts.... here I've made a new strawberry ... it looks huge doesn't it... but it's about the size of an over sized ping pong ball.. 

I'm also a fan of lllllloooonnnnggggg strawberries...!  Now... I've not actually seen any grow like this, but their shape is so cool...!  I added some sweet ribbon and a jingle bell to the top.  I plan on making some of these quite a bit larger - inverting them and attaching them to a candle stick.  Can you envision that?  I'll show you when it's finished.

Here is another one of my "first" experiments.... an origami tree!  OMG this was so much fun to make.  I love it.  I used a piece of graph paper... I have plans for some even better ones... and wait until you see what I'm doing with them...!!  You're all gonna want one!  

Many of these items will be going on my website to purchase!  Nothing makes me happier than designing and making things.... it simply fills my heart with joy!

Suzy... from my B-a-a-a-d group brought some show-n-tell.  She's been taking rug hooking classes from Katie Puckett - Kiss Rug Hooking... and it's in her blood really bad now!  She's a hookin' fiend...   Here she has made a hooked pumpkin with two wool crows and has it sitting on top a funnel.  then she wrapped the rusty stars around the base.  It was adorable!!

She also took some of her wool scraps and made this sweet star and crow.  She added a stick to the bottom and has it resting in the antique spool!  Now how cute is this?

Way to go Suzy.... I'm so proud of you!  (and I know Katie is proud of you too)

I'm sure MANY of you know how I adore Pinterest!  WOW!!!  What an inspiration it is to me.... I just love finding really clever ideas and putting them into use in our home.  LOOK AT THIS!  Now...why can't I think of things like this.  They took a sisal rug and cut it in half - for inside and outside the door!  DUH!!!  This is stinkin' clever... I don't care what you say!  Buy ONE rug not two... plus they made it fit perfect!
Three cheers for the "brainiac" that thought of this!

Today's list of To Do's!!!

1. Decorate for fall outside

2.  Tear out the old plants from my planter (they are NOW dried up and dead)

3.  Blow off the parking pad and spiffy it up a bit

4.  Play in sewing room while watching TV

Now...doesn't that sound like fun?  I also have to call the courthouse... I received jury notice... oh how I don't want to go.  Maybe they don't need my group.  They never pick me.... Once they find out about my past work experience (working with FBI and Secret Service) they excuse me. 

With quilt market coming up... I have so much to finish up....eeeekkkk!!!

Have a great day... have fun sewing... 


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