Thursday, October 10, 2013

I LOVE what i DO!!

Good Morning!

It's Thursday!!  I've already started some chicken vegetable noodle soup... and baked a new recipe... These scrumptious looking things...  They are pie crust with toasted pecans and craisens in between the crust pieces.

Now.. .I don't know about you...but I find it a VERY GOOD idea to try the recipe BEFORE you decide to use it when company is here. I'm so excited... Jack's sister - "Linda" and her hubby "Steve" are coming to visit with us during Thanksgiving!!!  They have never had the chance to visit with us ... they own their own landscaping company.. .and you know how crazy it is when you own your own business.  However, they have a wedding to attend here in St. Augustine and we get to have them stay with us!  I just love both of them to death... we have such a crazy, fun time together.  Anyway...  I'm so glad I did try this first...  It needs some tweekin' !!!

Yes... I DID PURCHASE pie dough that is pre-made (love it).  I used a generic brand this time (trying to save a few pennies)... don't do that!  Buy Pillsbury... or make your own pie dough if you are so inclined.

You MUST chop up the pecans - they say chop...I say finely chop.  The craisens...they need to be chopped up smaller also.  Now..they are a different story... they just DO NOT want to be chopped up.  I used a hand chopper ... then went to a larger electric style... oh no...they still wanted to remain pretty darn chunky.  So I gave in and let them alone!  You just have to know what battles to let go of and NOT fight.

Once the pecans are chopped...toast them "lightly" in the oven.  I did...maybe a little too long.  I'm not quite sure why this is necessary...but I followed the recipe - "silly me"  HA!!

Then...  You lay one crust out on parchment paper... and sprinkle the nuts and craisens on top.  lay the other on top and roll them out together...smashing the inside contents into the dough.  It's FUN!  Then be sure the edges are sealed well together.

Now... it's time to use the cookie cutter!  Unless you have a metal one with a rather SHARP edge.. do not use it.  It will not cut through the nuts and craisens.  However... I did forge through the dough with a leaf cookie cutter and they came out petty cute.

The next time... I'm rolling it out and cutting them out with a PIZZA CUTTER... DUH... I just now thought of that!  (my brain sometimes really scares me...)  I shall cut them in pretty little diamond shapes! PLUS... I will brush the tops of the dough with an egg wash and add some sprinkled sugar.  Then... they will be fabulous!!!  Simply fabulous!  Won't they be adorable on top of yummy piece of pumpkin pie piled high with whipped cream? Can't you just see it... so darn cute!

So... I will proceed with "round 2" of my recipe and make the adjustments and report back to you.

That is my "BON APPETIT" for the day!

Have a good one... I'm going "thrift store shoppin' " and then on to my Sewing Day!

Wait until you see what I've made from my thrift store findings.  I'm adding more items "for sale" to my web site!  Yes... I've decided to do what I love - "repurpose stuff" into fabulous fun things and sell them to all of you!  How much better could that be?

1.  shop and find great deals

2.  repurpose things that no one wants any longer

3.  use the 'crafting' RIGHT SIDE of my brain

4.  work with my hands

5.  work from home

6.  make a little extra cash

7.  have a blast

8. make other people happy

AND...that makes me happy!  Plus I get to cook, watch great movies and shows on TV, design, sew... aaaahhhh life is so good to me!  Thank you Lord!

Chat with ya'll later!


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