Monday, September 30, 2013

Where did September go?

Wow... I swear it was just Sept. 1 (my sister's birthday) and here it is at the end of the month already... and this has been a crazy - busy month.  It appears as though October is going to be the same!  Vicky, Heather and I are putting the final touches on our new quilts, writing up the final changes on our patterns, and this week... we will be setting up our display for the Marcus Fabrics booth.  

We do them at home first... then take pictures.  Then when we get to the show - it's up in a jiffy!  As least that is the plan.  Of course... it always has kinks in it... ALWAYS!  We have come to expect that.  We'll post one for you when it's ready!

We are also working on two other lines of fabric - I sure hope the Marcus gals love them.  We sure do!

Yesterday I decided to watch TV all day with my hubby!  It was so great to catch up on programs I hadn't watched in a long time - NCIS... OMG!!  Plus we saw the first show of the season.  Then.. we watched tons of new ones that we really, really liked!  Ironsides, BLACKLIST (this is the bestest of the best)  Blacklist Video Preview... plus several others (can't remember all of them at this early moment of the day).  PLUS.. we caved and rented World War Z.  I LOVED IT!  It certainly kept you on the edge of your seat.  I know it sounds hokey... but I thought it was so entertaining... and who wouldn't with Brad Pitt!  World War Z Video

While watching TV - I finished up a good portion of my new strawberries that I've designed.  These little fellows I began at the Camp Blanding Retreat.  They are so easy and fast to make.   The ones in the basket will eventually go on the small wooden spools and or the pin cushions.  They are made from red suede fabric with beads for their seeds and wool for the leaves.  

I'm making them to sell... then I'll be adding a pattern to the website.  They are so precious and make for wonderful little gifts for YOU or your friends.  I love the strawberries just plain in the bowl...then when you have a gift for one of your sewing friends...tie it on the package!  I'd much rather have a strawberry than a bow that you end up throwing away.

B-a-a-a-d Girls was awesome this week!  We were few in numbers (vacations, Quiltfest show...).  However, these girls turned out some awesome pumpkins!  I think they were a hit...everyone loved making them and they were so darn cute.  Vicky even made her pumpkins with the seams to the outside and I loved them!  Then she went home and made some more... look at this cute little spider she stitched on her white pumpkin!

PLUS... she went out in the yard and found some real sticks to use as her stems.  I had made stems from wool for the girls... but these are even better!  Now all she has to do is add her leaves (I have them at my house...) and they are good to go!  I believe she's making some of these for one of our friends as a surprise... but I can't tell you who that is... or it wouldn't be a surprise!


New Aged Muslin - OMG... I am so much in love with these muslin colors... for all of you primitive lovers... these will be right up your alley.  They sent us a fat quarter of each and I'm dying to make something of them.  it's on my TO DO list as soon as I finish up everything we need for Houston Quilt Market.

Shot-Cee - This cloth is fabulous!  The only place I've ever seen it before was when Kaffe Fassett made it to go with his different collections... we had it at the OGC and people loved it.  I especially love the way it is made.  Go to the link above and read all about it and see the gorgeous colors Marcus has designed.

Bordeaux & Sienna - Paula Barnes - Red Crinoline Quilts - a NEW reproduction line from Paula Barnes!  They were working with this fabric at our Camp Blanding Retreat and it was fabulous.  Rich colors - wonderful prints!  Of course... Paula's fabric is fabulous!

American Gothic - Pam Buda's new line of fabric that I love, love, love!   The line is full of blacks, creams... and some of them have just a hint of red.  OMG!  They are so pretty.  I can't wait to see some of her quilts at market!  You can order from her website:  Heartspun Quilts

Well...that's it for the day... it's time for me to get on my other computer and get busy on those pattern designs!

Everyone take care... keep those machines humming and those needles flying!


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