Monday, September 16, 2013

It's almost time.....

Yes.... it's almost time to hook up with 165 quilters and head out to Camp Blanding for another fun and wonderful quilting retreat.   My Sale Room goodies are all packed and priced - all of my other supplies are packed, now I just have to decide what projects I want to work on... (that's the hard part) get them packed and I'm ready to go.  We're going to look like the Beverly Hillbillies in our van!'s all GOOD!!

I've been playing around with some sweet new projects!!  Look at my sweet butterfly I made!  I did origami!!  

These sweet little butterflies are made from old book pages... Just wait until you see where they are going to end up!  (It's a surprise...can't tell you yet....)

This sweet thing is still in the "sewing" stage... not at all finished yet.  It still needs little black beads for the strawberry seeds... and some more surprises...  I'll show you a picture when it's finished.  The bottom portion of my pin cushion is wool.  However, to keep the cost down... I think I'm just going to have the berry be wool.  More pictures will be posted as it progresses!!!

This morning I'm cutting out a quilt kit for my pal - Wynette... she hurt her shoulder in a car accident recently and it kills her when she has to put pressure on it when using the rotary cutter.  It's one of Red Crinoline's quilts and I know that once I touch all of their fabric... I'm going to want one of these sweet kits too!  I wonder if this was a ploy.... secretly trying to get me to spend money??? hhhhmmm.... Nah!!!  They know they don't have to get me to do that... I do just fine on my own.

so... with that in mind... I'm off to get another cup of coffee and "let the cuttin' begin" !!!!  

Chat with you soon....


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