Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A One Armed Paper Hanger!!!

Hi Everyone...!!

Yes.... I feel like a one-armed Paper Hanger!!!  However... a HUGE accomplishment has happened.  Vicky and I finished the Hampton Ridge Block-of-the-Month sample for Karen at Cinnamon's Quilt Shoppe!  WOW... I'll say one thing for Paula (Barnes - from Red Crinoline Quilts)... she SURE knows how to make wonderful blocks!  Vicky and I feel like we've earned a "hero's badge"!!  What a wonderful education you will learn in piecing and borders when you have finished this wonderful quilt!  I have a REALLY hard time trying to decide which block I love the most.

Here's the thing about sampler quilts...that sometimes we just don't think about!  Once you have finished the quilt... know it's time to pick out ONE favorite block and then use it to make your own quilt!  Or... How about just a few blocks together for a table runner!  How easy is that... you've already made the block... now it's time to use it again and again... just add a few alternating blocks and you are good to go!  TRY IT!!

If you are excited to begin this quilt and haven't signed up yet... call Cinnamon's Quilt Shoppe and get registered TODAY!!!  904-374-0532 !!

Today... I'm teaching this!!  Pioneer Braid Quilt!  it's HUGE and it's simply perfect for using up your scraps.  However, if you LOVE this color combination.... Cinnamon's has kits!   I so enjoyed making this quilt... and it's a BIG ONE TOO!  I honestly am going to make another one someday... I think I'm going for a blue, brown, tan color combination.  It's a lot of sewing... but OH SO WORTH IT and it's so gorgeous once it's quilted.  (Thanks Cathy Peters for my great quilting job!)  This photo I took right after I had it pieced.

We are now finishing up getting everything ready for our September Camp Blanding Retreat!  Gosh... I can't wait to see everyone.  It's so much "stinkin' " fun to sew with all of those gals (and a couple of guys!!!  Thanks Bruce and Michael for sewing with us!)  I feel like they are my brothers!  Bruce and Ronda just got a long arm machine and are practicing, practicing... and still practicing!  They are going to have "sew" much fun with it.  They have one just like the first one we had at the OGC!  We called her "Opal"!  She now resides in the home of Susan Rogers!  She had her retrofitted into a Statler and does she ever do GORGEOUS WORK!  

Today... I'm packing up more things for the retreat... and organizing a bit.  Then working on some new patterns on the computer (I am not a fan of this part of the process...but it must get finished!)  

It's hard to believe that in less than 6 weeks we will be headed to Houston for the Quilt Market!  We may even stay for festival!!!

So... everyone stay safe, healthy... and keep sewing!  I MUST GET BUSY!  

I'm catching up on the last season of Army Wives on Netflix!  LOVE THAT SHOW!  If you haven't watched it... you MUST.  

Chat with y'all later!


p.s.  here are the wool pumpkins we will be making in our next B-a-a-a-d Girls meeting!!

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