Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Look... I Need Your Opinion!!!

Well... it's 4:45 pm and I smell pizza cookin' in our oven!  Yippeeeee!!!  No cookin' for me tonight.  Jack is taking charge of din-din!  (he's such a sweetie...)

We are all packed and ready to head out to Indiana tomorrow.  I am attending my Etna Troy Grade School 8th Grade Graduation!  Yes...that's right... it's been 50 years since we graduated from the 8th Grade (Go Cubs!)  Our school colors were Kelly green and white.  Vicky and I were basketball cheerleaders... what fun that was!  Gosh.. .I loved those basketball games!

I can't wait to see some of the old gang.  I wonder if I will recognize anyone?  Mike Lemon, Harold Wolfe, Kathy Krider, Renee Thomas, Kay Long, Dennis Trowbridge, Gary Kessie, Pam Alberding... I can't even remember have of them.. we had a whopping 28 or 30 in our class.  It was just a little country school... and yes.. it DID HAVE more than one room!

Then we will be visiting with Jack's sisters.  They are always so MUCH FUN to be with.... I can't wait to see them.

I have all kinds of projects to work on in the's a long 2 day ride.  Jack bought enough snacks to feed an army (he's the bestest of the best on snacks!)  It will be fun to get away and be with each other.  I've been so tied up with all of my quilting deadlines...he's feeling a bit lonely and I don't blame him.

Hey...take a peek at these!!!  I'm taking these watches to the September Camp Blanding Retreat!  I will fit them to the gals wrists!!  They will be $40.00.  What do you think?  I simply adore them!  How fitting for all of us that sew!  I have a small supply so if enough of you email me and let me know that you may be interested in one.... I can probably get more finished!  There is still time!

Then...this is what I need your help on....  See this adorable spool?  Well I want to make it into a small accent lamp for in our sewing rooms.  It's 6" tall - then with the harp it will be about 12" tall.  Is this something you all would purchase?  I'm not sure of the price yet... I have to check on the cost of the harps and shades.  So...can you email me Yes or No about this too???

We used to sell so many adorable accent lamps at the OGC that I just can't keep them out of my mind.  I simply adore them...they add so much warmth and character to your home when they are lit. 

This fabric is Vicky and my next inspiration piece that we are working on... for another line of fabric.  The color sure didn't come out as well as I wanted...but trust me... it's gorgeous.  Can't you just see these big gorgeous flowers adorning the back of your quilt?  eeewwww.... yummy!

We just finished pricing a ton of stuff for the September Camp Blanding Retreat Sale Room!  Gosh.. it feels so good to purge!  I had such good intentions with so many of these items... but you know's just not going to happen in my lifetime... so I'm leaving it up to another gal to carry the torch!  

We've got some yummy stuff!!!  Can't wait for you to all dive in and get some really great deals.

Okay... I'm heading to the kitchen... the pizza is almost ready... and I'm starvin' !!

I'll take pictures and post on Facebook of our adventures!

Keep those sewing machines crankin' !!!


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