Monday, August 19, 2013

Good Monday Morning!!!

Hey everyone... I sure hope your weekend was pretty darn wonderful.  Mine sure was!!!  I worked on writing patterns, sewing, watching movies... you know.. .all of that fun stuff!  

Thursday at Cinnamon's Sewing... I took a few pictures for you!!!

Here are a bunch of the gals sewing their little hearts out... heads down - they are on a mission!  See all of the wonderful samples on the walls?  These are the just some of the classes they have for this calendar!

Patty is working on this wonderful quilt.  OMG...she has such exquisite taste... PLUS...she's a pretty new quilter and her work is absolutely perfect.  I want to be just like her when I grow up!

This is also Patty's quilt.... Her gorgeous Dresden Plates - made from our template!!

The picture (for some reason) did not turn out well... but the quilt itself is to die for!  All ready for quilting!

Then.... since Christmas is NOT that far away... I had to show you this little fellow.  I made HER for the shop...then you have these sweet little wool blankets that you change each month!  It's from Buttermilk Basin!  I simply adore her!

Then... this cute panel... well... let's just say it's so darn clever!!!  Can you tell it has Christmas Lights in it?  You simply cut a teeny-tiny slit and pop the light through from the back.  I can just see this hanging on your front door!!  Can't you?  So quick and easy to make!  They have them at Cinnamon's for you!

Vicky was there...working on the Hampton Ridge Block of the Month.  Aren't these blocks adorable?  Now... I'm sewing the border around each one.  We are well on our way to getting them finished.  

Be sure you stop by Cinnamon's to see Red Crinolines Hampton Ridge Block of the Month.  The girls sent it to Karen so each of you could drool over it... THEN SIGN UP!!!  You will truly be making an heirloom for your family!

Ha... doesn't this look like the home for a beaver? 
 I told the reminded me of a Beaver's dam in the water!!!   

Today, Heather and I are working on the website together... along with some patterns!  It will be a sweet day with my baby girl!!!  Before her arrival... I'm headed back into the sewing room.  I'm on a marathon of watching "Army Wives" while sewing.  It makes it so much fun.... of course the show itself has such sad parts that I have to stop and wipe away the tears (from crying)... but what a great way to enjoy myself.

Have you ever watched the old shows of Army Wives?  I guess one reason it makes me so sad... I remember the lonely days and months with Jack being gone while in the Navy.... especially during Vietnam times.  So scary!  Then the wonderful homecomings... Poor fellow.. he didn't even get to see Toby be born.  He was 6 weeks old before he even held him.  

The men and women and family members serving in the armed forces.... well... we are a family!  Something I'll never forget.... a group of individuals that serve their country...sacrifice... so we can all be free... sew... laugh... go on picnics... enough said...!

Have a super great day.


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